In the east side of Kefalonia there are many attractions that make tourists come to this island, such as the wonderful Melisani Cave, Antisamos Beach, the geological phenomenon Katavotres …

Unreal colors in the Melisani Cave in Kefalonia each year attract a large number of visitors, who since morning occupy the place in line to buy tickets. It is surrounded by dense forest and mountain ranges and is a mysterious and unique place. It is about 150m long and 60m wide. The depth of the lake is about 39m, the water level is one meter higher than the sea level, and the lake occupies about a third of the length of the cave. The water in Lake Melissani is both fresh and salty. Salty water comes from the sea which is not far away, while fresh water comes from a natural spring located about 20 meters below the ground.

This place is also known as the Nymph Cave and is located in the central mainland of the island, just 2km from Sami Beach and 10km from Argostoli. In the excavations of 1962, a large number of figures dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries BC and depicting the god Pan and the nymphs were found in this lake. Legend has it that the Melisani Cave was exactly where one of these nymphs, named Melisani, drowned for unreturned love of the god Pan.

The central part of the lake is attractive because of the underwater reflections generated by the sun’s rays. As you ride a small boat, you will feel like hovering over the water because of this interesting phenomenon. The second room of the cave, which you will also visit by boat, contains a large number of stalagmites, stalactites and interesting rock formations.

A 10-minute boat ride costs €10 and provides a beautiful and unusual experience. When they reach the cave, visitors descend the stairs to the underground lake where they are waiting for boats that slowly cycle through the water. It is best to visit the cave between 12am and 2pm when the sun’s rays at right angles illuminate the interior and give the water a few shades of blue-green.