If you prefer places that are not commercial and exposed to mass tourism and you are on vacation on Thassos, here are some suggestions that you can find interesting and beautiful, but unknown to most tourists.

Instead of the villages of Theologos and Panagia, visit Kazaviti or perhaps even lesser-known places: Maries, Sotiros and Kastro. They are all interesting in their own way. We recommend that you visit Maries in the evening, in the dark, when the local tavernas come to life in the small square, and Kastro during the day when you can enjoy the unusual view.

In addition to the famous monastery of St. Archangel Michail, there are two more in Thassos. The first is the monastery of Saint Panteleimon in Kazaviti that you can visit the same day as Kazaviti. The second monastery is Panaguda in the village of Maries, whose visit you can combine with an evening visit to the village. Keep an eye on working hours. From 1pm it is usually a break until 5pm.

When it comes to beaches, we advise you to visit Kekes, next to Skidia Restaurant. Both the restaurant and the beach are very interesting.

Then there is the Salonikios beach which is about 3km by dirt road, but the beach is perfect for a quiet holiday. There is also a natural shade.

Arriba in Skala Rachoni is perfect for relaxing with light chill out music.

Visit the Vigli cafe on Golden beach and enjoy a drink or food and a nice view. The Arhondissa Restaurant on Alyki is a tavern with great food and fantastic view.

The Dasilio area near Prinos is very interesting because everything is in the pine forest. The beach is not the best, but the part of the beach in front of and to the right of Armena has a lot of natural shade and no crowds.

Trypiti, but not in front of the Blue Dream Palace Hotel, which is now always crowded, but the part in front of the Plavoulis Bar where is no crowd, and it is equally beautiful.

Skala Maries is a small fishing village and the Armeno restaurant is a great place to try fresh fish from the sea. Sunset beach in Skala Maries is just out of town and there is usually no traffic.

Livadi, the beach under the monastery of St. Archangel is less visited because it is not completely sandy and therefore is a paradise for relaxing, swimming or enjoying with your pet.

Papalimani near Limenas has a small restaurant and a welcoming atmosphere.

Vathi is heaven on earth, small and by some miracle still wild. It should be among the first on the list.

All the beaches and places we have listed are a great choice for a slightly different vacation, for those who do not want to be on the beaches that are the most popular and full of swimmers.

Still, don’t miss Paradise Beach, which is popular but special.

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