Vacationing on Lefkada is remembered by many for a long time, but some who visit it at the end of summer say that Lefkada off-season is special. Lefkada is an island that many consider a paradise on earth and a place where you can find some of the most beautiful Greek, even worldwide, beaches in one place. Like all popular places in this world, Lefkada also faces a large number of tourists every season. Sometimes, the feeling is that the number of tourists on Lefkada increases from year to year. Certainly, on some of the large beaches of Lefkada, there is crowding that cannot be ignored, but our advice is to definitely get up early and secure your spot and parking.

We visited Lefkada at the end of September 2021 when the sea was at an ideal temperature, and the beaches had already become empty. Lefkada then gave us a new dimension. The Kathisma beach, which is usually overcrowded during the season, and where parking can be a real challenge, had only about a hundred people spread out in the two remaining beach bars and on their own towels. A place where camping is usually prohibited was now filled with over 20 campers. Much less stress about parking, no parking fees, no traffic jams, and noise on the beach. Everything became so peaceful that you could truly enjoy the sounds of the waves and nature. That’s when even the locals see how beautiful Lefkada is and slowly come to the beach to rest towards the end of the season.

We experienced Lefkada in a completely different way and we must admit that we liked it and wanted to return. At the end of the season, it is still warm, but the sun is not as intense and scorching. So, even the warmest part of the day when you should seek shade is no longer just from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but you can enjoy the sun and sea for much longer. The days are shorter, but much more pleasant. In the 10 days we spent on Lefkada, we enjoyed ourselves, even managing to go on a boat excursion to the surrounding beaches, indicating that tourists are still around, but not too many.

If you love places with beautiful beaches, peaceful and quiet, yet you also enjoy evening walks, then consider Lefkada in the second half of September. We were swimming in the sea until October 6th, and the water was at an ideal temperature, as we already mentioned, even though we are susceptible to the cold.

Experiencing Lefkada at the end of the season is something that you should try if you have the opportunity, especially if you don’t have school-age children who cannot be absent or you don’t have to take your vacation in the peak season.

Our smiles return to our faces as we talk to friends about Lefkada at the end of September, and our recommendation seems very attractive, especially to those who vacationed on Lefkada during the season.

We hope to visit Lefkada or some other beautiful Greek destination at the end of the season this year as well because since last year, it has been our favorite time for vacationing. Even if we were in the season that year, we love to soak up the sun and sea a little more at the end of the season and be ready for colder days. It is best somewhere further south, and we recommend Lefkada for that.

What, in your opinion, are the advantages of vacationing off-season? Share your experiences if you vacation off-season and if you have vacationed in Lefkada.

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