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car rental lefkada
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Car rental on Lefkada

We believe that the best way to experience Lefkada is if you during your vacation have a car. If you come to Lefkada by organized transport and you still wish to visit the island, we advise you to consider renting a car. According to many, Lefkada is demanding in terms...

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Transportation on Lefkada

If you were in doubt about making a decision on whether to travel to Lefkada with your own car, and at the same time you want to hear our advice, we consider it to be one of the best options of transportation, both while on the island and for...

izvori drima (3)
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More and more tourists are traveling to the Ionian coast and the Ionian islands (Lefkada, Kefalonia ...) are choosing the Niki border crossing (North Macedonian Medzitliya) instead of Evzoni (North Macedonian Gevgelija). There are conflicting opinions as to whether this is a better or worse option, and we will give...

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Trip to Lefkada by car

If you travel by car in Greece it is necessary to have a green card (still obligatory in North Macedonia), while an international driving license is no longer necessary for Greece or for North Macedonia. It is pretty easy to reach Lefkada because the route is quite simple and...