To experience Thassos in the right way, you need a car for at least 2 days. The island is full of interesting places, traditional villages and beautiful beaches that are scattered all over the island so a car is really needed to see it all.

There are many car rental agencies on the island. Prices are different and depend ** on the demand ** at a given moment, but above all on the ** type of car ** you rent as well as ** the number of days ** on which you rent.
There are few places on Thassos, so we advise you to walk and stop at several rental agencies and check the prices and conditions.

It is important to ask the following when coming to a car rental agency:

- What is the price if you take the car for one day and what is the ** price if you take the car for several days **?

- ** What type of car ** do you get at that price?

- Do they offer you full insurance? They should offer you.

- Are ** tires and floors ** insured?

- What happens in case you experience a ** traffic accident with your own fault, and what with someone else’s fault **?

- Is there a ** mileage limit ** and how much is charged extra if you exceed the limit.
- Some agencies on Thassos have a ** limit of 100km ** if the car is rented for only one day. The circumference of the whole island is 92 km and there are very small chances that you will exceed this limit, but you should also know how much the surcharge is if that happens. It is usually a small amount per kilometer.
- Is there an option to bring your car ** to the address of your stay ** and come to pick it up or do you have to go and pick it up yourself and return it? If you decide to rent a car in another place, it is important that they can bring it to you so that you do not have to pay departure and return taxes.
- When can you pick up the car ** at the earliest ** and when can you return it?
This is very important because if you plan to go on a tour of the island as early as 8 in the morning and the agency can bring you a car only at 10, you lose an important part of the day. Also, agencies sometimes ask you to return their car by, say, 9pm, so if you were planning to go out to a nearby or some other place for dinner that could also be a problem. That’s why it’s important to ** specify these things ** before signing ** to take the car. It is best to negotiate good terms before you sign the contract and pay. The owners of car rental agencies know all this and usually tell you all these conditions only when they hand you the keys.
- It is also important that when taking over the car, you take a good look ** to see if there are scratches and damage **, because the owner will definitely inspect it when you return it. If any damage occurs, you must be sure that the damage existed or was caused by you
- Some agencies ** forbid you to drive a rented car outside the island **, while others allow it. You should inquire what restrictions exist in that regard if you have planned to visit Kavala, for example.
- Some agencies ** forbid driving on roads that are not asphalted **, and often the best beaches are hidden in inaccessible places.
- Some agencies still insist on ** international permission **.
- Also, some agencies have a rule that ** do not rent a car to people under the age of 23 ** and the condition for renting is a minimum of 2 years of driving with a standard license.
There are also some ** additional benefits ** that are additionally charged if you want to use them, car WiFi, GPS and the like.

Our advice is that even before you go on a trip, ** contact various car rental agencies by e-mail ** and ask them all these important questions that we have mentioned to you. So you will be completely ready to rent a car when you arrive on the island.

Is it better to book ** in advance online or on the spot **?
This question is not easy to answer because it can happen that the price is much lower in the season, and it can happen the other way around, that it can be higher.

When picking up a car it is usually the fuel tank way and you also need to return it. If you do not manage to refuel when returning the car, you will pay for the fuel used.

Here are some of the car rental agencies on Thassos:

** Rent-a-car agency in Limenaria **
Speedy Car Rental
National Friend rent-a-car

** Rent-a-car agency in Limenas **
Global rent-a-car
Potos rent-a-car also has a representative office in Limenas
Car 2rent Agency

** Rent-a-car agency in Prinos **
Avis rent-a-car

** Rent-a-car agencies in Potos **
Potos rent-a-car
Smart rent-a-car

Rent-a-car agency in Skala Potamia
Potos rent-a-car

Keep in mind that you can rent a car by phone and not necessarily in the place where you are stationed, because most car rental agencies on Thassos drive their cars to other places and cities.

Also, bargaining on the spot (or maybe via e-mail) is something that employees of rent-a-car agencies are used to, so try your luck and offer less than the official price.

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