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    road to thassos via bulgaria
    Updated May 22, 2023.

    Thassos Via Bulgaria

    Considering that for the residents of Niš, Belgraders and all northerners, the road to Thassos is over 80 km shorter via Bulgaria than via Northern Macedonia, it is noticeable that more and more passengers with serbian license plates are found on these routes. The unfinished sections of the road have deterred...

    two important turns
    Updated May 15, 2023.

    Two important turns for Thassos

    As we wrote, the road from Belgrade to Keramoti is about 850 km long. We recommend that you be careful when driving, and in Macedonia it is advisable not to drive fast, not only because of the poor road and safety, but also because of the police patrols. **We have the...

    put do tasosa automobilom
    Updated October 21, 2021.

    By car to Thassos and back

    You can travel to Thassos and back from Belgrade by car via two main roads. It is almost 15% shorter and cheaper for Belgraders to travel through Bulgaria, but you will travel safer through North Macedonia, and much safer if you want to travel at night. This "safer" reference refers exclusively...

    Updated December 01, 2022.

    Roads on Thassos

    All around the island, there is a very good road with two lanes. This road is mostly by the sea, which makes rides on the island special pleasure. There aren't dangerous parts. Section of the road Limenas - Skala Maries has a few curves and slopes. It **is part that...

    ferry thassos 1
    Updated December 01, 2022.

    Thassos Ferry

    Ferries to Thassos go from two coastal places: Kavala and Keramoti. From Kavala, it is possible to take the ferry to Skala Prinos and from Keramoti to Limenas. The Kavala - Skala Prinos route takes 75 minutes, and the Keramoti - Limenas route only 35 minutes. Among tourists **more popular line...

    rent a car thassos
    Updated April 06, 2021.

    Rent-a-car in Thassos Island

    To experience Thassos in the right way, you need a car for at least 2 days. The island is full of interesting places, traditional villages and beautiful beaches that are scattered all over the island so a car is really needed to see it all. There are many car rental agencies...

    rilski manastir bugarska (6)
    Updated February 26, 2021.