You often ask us to recommend a restaurant on Thassos. We will recommend you your favorite restaurants, and you can see which dishes you should try in Greece by clicking here.
In the text below, we recommend you only the place that we like and where we like to go.

You are in Potos and you would like to have lunch somewhere near but you don’t know where?

We will let you know our favourite places and maybe you will like them too. However, let us know your impressions if you visit them.

If you want gyros or some fast food than you should definitely go to El Greco located in the pedestrian zone in Potos.

If you have time and you want to have lunch next to the sea go to the tavern Poseidon which has great chicken a la creme with mushrooms. Specify that you want with mushrooms.

If you want to try traditional Greek food than go to the tavern Piatsa Michalis and order kleftiko. It’s a bit more expensive meal but it is very tasty. It is lamb meat with vegetables cooked in a clay bowl and definitely one of our favourite dishes.

Are you in the mood for seafood? In that case, we suggest you visit the restaurant San Antonio located on the same beach in another part of Potos beach and while drinking white wine order some of the specialties. Our favourite is htapodokeftedes (octopus meatballs), midia saganaki (shells in tomato sauce), midia ahnista (shells) and as an appetizer meal you can take mushrooms and avocado salad. Try to visit this place in the sunset time and you will experience the magic of this place.

If you want to take away food than you should definitely take fried chicken with fries and white mayo-sauce from the pizzeria Aquarius in the center of Potos (opposite of the amusement park).

If you want fast food but also a place where you can sit and eat in peace than go to cantina which is located between Potos and Limenaria. In the cantina, you can find very good souvlaki, kebab, sausages. Also, you have to try cheese salad (tirosalata). Cantina is open in the evening and it is the best time of the day to be in this place to enjoy (in moonlight, sea, peace, warm summer evening and excellent food).

If you want to eat quality fish, not from pond but fresh from the sea, then you should definitely go to the Armeno restaurant in the Skala Maries village. This is one of the rare tavernas along the coastline that always serves fresh fish from the sea. If you are lucky that the night before the catch was good you will have a better choice and quality fish. Even if it is not a good choice of fish, try something that is currently on a menu, as it is really rare that only non-pond fish is served anywhere. As many as 99% of the waterfront restaurants only offer fish from ponds.

If you don’t have time to go to Skala Maries you can visit taverna Agistri in Limenaria, which is located along the shore, a bit outside from the center of the village towards Skala Maries.

If you want to eat lamb in Potos prepared under charcoal on a grill and not on an electric spit, then go to the tavern George on the main road, near to the BP gas station. They serve it only in the evening and it is always freshly prepared and also you can try other kinds of meat in this place.

Now it’s time to talk about pancakes and deserts. Good cakes you can find in a lot of places but our favourite is Blionis (Mplionis) in Limenaria. Here you can try great ice cream, waffles and cakes. You can also eat waffle with ice cream and enjoy the beautiful view.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and you don’t want to sit next to the sea, go to the tavern Koukoutsi in Limenaria, the place where locals use to eat. In our guide, you can find the exact location of this place. The menu is not big but everything you order is tasty. It is open from 7 pm.

In the east part of the island, we have one more place where we use to go first of all because of the environment. It is a tavern Archodissa in Alyki. It is located on the hill so it has a spectacular view.

If you want to eat on the beach than you can go to the Trypiti beach and Plavoulis beach bar. There you can, even if you do not use their sunbeds, order anything from the restaurant and ask them to bring you to a sunbed or towel. They will do it easily. We usually order something light, like a salad with chicken. Tasty and great during the summer heat.

This was our short “road of food” to the most popular tavernas in the south part of the island. If you take our advice we promise you that you won’t make a mistake. :)

All photos are from the mentioned places.

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