Alyki is a lovely bay and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

There are actually two beaches with the same name Alyki - the famous one and visible from the highway, and the windy bay of Alyki near the archaeological site.

Main Alyki cove is a narrow, sandy beach with amazing turquoise color of the sea. This is the most visited beach and only one beach with swimmers from April till the end of October. During July and August, this beach is very crowded, especially during weekends when the island is visited by Greeks from the mainland and for this reason, we advise you to set your tour plan for the island avoiding Saturdays or Sundays on Alyki.

The beach is organized, full of sunbeds and umbrellas. As the charging policy changes from season to season, we recommend you ask what the situation is when you arrive at the beach and before settling somewhere.

Alyki is known for very fine sand, like flour, both on the coast and in the water. The depth of the water gradually increases making it ideal for children, as well as for swimmers, because the shallow water does not extend too far. The water is so clear that even at great depths you can see the bottom and the great diversity of sea life. In the left part of the beach is natural shade and as well as stones in the water. Last years sea currents have taken the sand off the beach, so now the entrance is rocky in some parts.

Alyki is a diving and snorkelling paradise.

There are plenty of flat rocks on the right side of the beach where you can sunbathe. About 100 meters from the quiet bay, you will see a small chapel in the rocks dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

On the backside of the beach and along the highway at the expansions, there are places for parking cars. Since the beach is very crowded, it happens that it is very difficult to find a free parking space, so we recommend you to go early in the morning to Alyki.

There is a narrow path leading to another bay, so-called “windy Alyki bay”. If you have the time it is nice to take a walk along this trail and get to another beach. If you do not have time to take a long walk on the sun, then you can reach the windy bay by taking a shortcut through the gate directly behind the restaurants in Alyki bay. This trail will take you to the windy cove and the ancient archaeological site and a very picturesque area.

There is usually without a crowd on the windy bay. The beach is not mostly sandy and does not have a safe bottom because of the sharp and slippery rocks, so it is not recommended for children but it is suitable for divers. Only the left part of the bay is sandy. Not everyone likes this quaint beach, so it’s best to go by yourself and take a closer look if it suits you for swimming or not. It is surrounded by rocks and walls that representing an ancient settlement, unusual benches, trees.

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