Alyki is a lovely cove, and for many, the most beautiful beach on the island.

There are actually two beaches with the same name Alyki. One is more famous and I will write about that one first. This is tranquil cove Alyki, as opposed to the other one, with more waves which we will call windy cove Alyki.

Tranquil cove is narrow, sandy beach with unreal turquoise color of water. This is the most visited beach and only one with the guests from april till the end of october. In july and august, this beach is very crowded, especially during weekends when Greeks frequent the island from the inland and Kavala, but also Bulgarians, so I advise you to schedule your visit to Alyki during work days.

Beach is organized, filled with sunbeds and umbrellas, which are mostly free if you buy drink, or have lunch in some of the restaurants.

Alyki is known for its tiny sand, like dust, on the shore and in the water. Depth is gradual so this beach is ideal for children, as well as for swimmers, because shallow waters and not very long. Water is transparent that you can see the bottom and sea world even at great depths. In left part of the beach there is shade, but also rocks in the water.

Alyki is paradise for diving and snorkeling.

To the right of the beach there are many flat rocks on which you can sun tan.

Some hundred meters from the tranquil cove you will see small chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

In the rear of the beach and by the highway there are widenings where you can park car. Considering that beach is always crowded, free parking space can be hard to find, so I recommend to hit Alyki early.

There is a narrow path that goes over the horn, on which was located quarry from where Romans used to get marble. This path will take you to the windy cove Alyki.

If you have time, it is nice to take a walk via this path and get to the other beach, because it is very picturesque. As an alternative, you can get to the windy cove through the shortcut gate which is located right behind the restaurants.

Windy cove is never crowded. Most of the beach is not sandy, or even safe because of the sharp and slippery rocks, so it's not recommended for children. But divers will like it. Only left part of the cove is sandy. This beach is surrounded with stones, rocky walls which represent ancient settlement, unusual benches, trees... Sunbeds on the beach are free, but it's desirable to order a drink or have lunch in beach restaurant which is the owner of sunbeds and umbrellas.

Take a look at this video clip from Alyki on our Youtube channel.