The Armeno Restaurant at Skala Maries (or Skala Marion) is one of the best seafood restaurants in southern Thassos.

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On the menu of this restaurant you will find fresh fish caught in the sea, not from the pond, which is very rare in Thassos.

They are known for their excellent homemade crustless pie. The pie is made from a mixture of nettles, spinach, chard and several other herbs.

It’s worth a try with seafood dishes, shrimp spaghetti, octopus and squid.

Be sure to ask what the owner recommends you, so you can include it in your order.

If you want real seafood, but not from the pond and exclusively from the sea, the Armeno tavern is a great place to get it.

Don’t expect a big choice as the fish menu depends on the catch during the night and therefore the weather, currents etc.

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