Since Lidl supermarkets ( are favorite places to supply tourists, and that there is no Lidl in Thassos, it is recommended to stop by one of them on the way to or on the way back from Thassos.

With the minimum turns from the main route and the minimum wander you will reach Lidl at Asprovalta and Lidl in Chrisoupoli.
Lidl near Asprovalta is located in the following coordinates:
40.693000, 23.682894

On the way to Thassos, from Thessaloniki, you reach this Lidl as follows. Driving the Egnatia highway towards Kavala, you will take the exit to Asprovalta and then at the first intersection you will not turn left to Asprovalta, but right towards Nea Vrasna. After a few hundred meters on the left, you will notice a building like a castle and then across the road to the right a large parking lot and a Lidl supermarket.

Returning from Thassos via Egnatia, you will also turn off to Asprovalta and follow the same instructions given above.

Lidl in Chrisoupoli is located in the street: 64200 Chrisoupoli, Marathonous - Perimeter Odos; in the following coordinates:
40.981620, 24.695778

On the way to Thassos, from Thessaloniki, you reach this Lidl as follows. By taking the Egnatia highway, you will pass Kavala exits and follow signs for Xanthi, then you will take the exit for Chrisoupoli and continue straight counting the large intersections. At the fourth intersection, where the roundabout is, you will turn right into Delikadi Street, then at the end of that road turn right onto Lidl.

On the way back from Thassos, from the port of Keramoti, you will drive straight to Chrisoupoli, pass Nea Karia, and when you arrive in Chrisoupoli turn left from Delikadi road to Lidl.

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