Vrachos-Loutsa beach is just over 25km away from Parga. Vrachos and Loutsa are actually the same beach, just by the name Loutsa we have in mind the right, northern part of the beach, toward Parga, and by Vrachos the left, southern part of the beach, towards Preveza. The beach is exactly 3km long, and in some parts it is wide slightly more than 50m. The beach with its crystal clear sea and green landscape is the perfect place for the fans of real vacation and relaxation next to the waves without loud music and big crowds.

According to many, it is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Ionian coast, famous for its imposing length, but also a tiny sand that not many beaches can boast about in this part.

Alonaki Fanariou beach is located in the region of Preveza and is 24 km away from Parga and about 30 km from Preveza. It’s a small, but beautiful beach, the real pearl of this region.

Small, hidden and beautifully tucked cove, with beautiful emerald sea and many natural shade for hot summer days. Oasis of natural beauty and peace.

Ammoudia beach is sandy and with a very long shallows. It is only 17km from the Parga. Due to the fact that in the vicinity of Parga there are mostly pebbly beaches, Ammoudia is a real refreshment, especially for families with small children for whom the shallows on this beach are paradise.
In the left part of the beach there is a lot of natural shade, which is usually used by campers.
The beach is long and wide enough to have places and space for relaxing stay for all visitors and those who use deck chairs and for those who have their own equipment.

Ai Giannakis (Agios Ioannis) is a small and beautifully tucked cove at 9km from Parga. It is recognizable for the emerald green color due to its rich nature in the hinterland. Ai Giannakis is a real little paradise for all devotees of little more isolated beaches. On the beach there is a canteen offering drinks and food and several seating sets in the shade.
The sea is beautiful, crystal clear and perfect for diving. The coast has a large pebble, so does the seafloor, so we recommend you to put on sea sandals.

Beach Lihnos (Lichnos) is located 4km southeast of Parga. On the beach there can be crowd especially in the season. The beach is pebbly, with several taverns, a camp and a hotel along the beach. The depth is gradual, but there are no long shallows, so the depth begins relatively close from the shore.

Valtos Beach is on a 15-minute walk from Parga. To get to it you need to climb the hill on which there is the Venetian fortress, and then go downhill to the beach. This walk can be tiring if you are not in good shape or if it is too hot, so if you do not fancy such a walk, you can take a taxi boat to this beach. The price for return ticket is 6€ per person. Taxi boats go every half hour from 10:00 to 23:30 when the last one returns from the beach. If you like to walk, we recommend that you walk on this beach, because on the way you can visit the fortress with a beautiful view of Parga, as well as of the Valtos beach.

The beach is a little over a kilometer long and is quite wide, especially in its central part. It is pebbly, and at the very entrance to the water there are small stones, after which sand begins. The sand is smaller on the left side of the beach. The sea is deep after some 10 steps, so attention should be paid to children because there are no long shallows.

Sarakiniko beach is perhaps the most beautiful beach in the vicinity of the Parga. It is 9 km away from the main road, if you turn to the beach in the village of Anthousa or 11 km from the village of Agia.

From the main road to the beach the distance is 5km, the road is curvy and it is necessary to drive cautiously. A light and somewhat strenuous ride pays off because Sarakiniko is truly a beautiful beach. You can reach it by boat or by a speedboat from Parga. The price is 14 € in both directions per person, whether you are coming by boat or speedboat. The slow boat ride lasts 20-30 minutes, and the speedboat 10-15 minutes.

The Sarakiniko beach is tucked in the hills and greenery, it is in the bay and the sea is always calm in it, clear and transparent.

Karavostasi Beach is located at the foothill of Perdika on the Ionian coast. It is only 13km away from Sivota, 16km from Parga by the old road and 22km by the new one.

The road from Perdika to Karavostasi beach is slightly curvy, but very interesting. It passes through unusually beautiful landscapes, olive groves and deciduous forests. As you ride towards the beach you have the feeling that you are going through a large natural park.

The beach itself is about 700m long and more than 70m wide. It is sandy and facing the west and you will have the opportunity to enjoy incredibly beautiful sunset on this beach.

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