Kallirachi is a small village on the western side of the island. History of the village goes back ten centuries ago when pirates from Tripoli used wood around Kallirachi to create a fleet of ships to invade Thessaloniki.

Throughout history, it was burnt down and dynamited several times, both by Turks and pirates.

Today Kallirachi is a little village, with no tourist facilities and attractions, but if you want to see how did traditional Greek village looked before meeting with tourism you can visit the village Kallirachi, wander little cobbled streets and explore. Some houses have been recently renewed. The village has nine churches, and the village feast is St. Demetrius.

It is only a few kilometers from Skala Kallirachi and to it leads an excellent, paved road. Tucked away in the countryside. Alleys are narrow, cobbled and generally too narrow for cars. In the center of the village is a small folk and maritime museum.

For some parts of Kallirachi you can catch a beautiful view of the coast and the sea, and the sunsets are beautiful because the village is located in the west of the island. View of the untouched nature, landscapes, vast olive groves leaves you breathless.

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