The Iatrou or Kleoniki tavern (at famous Kostas with mustache) is at the end of Theologos.

At the entrance to Theologos, you come to an intersection. Drive to the right for about 500-600m. Near the end of the village, you will see in capital letters written “Iatrou” on the right. Usually, the owner, Kostas stands on the street and stops the guests, takes you to the parking lot and gets to know you.

The restaurant and garden are quite large, the tables comfortable, the view from the garden to the greenery and Theologos excellent.

We recommend you try caserokroketes (cooked cheese balls), the lamb, of course, tzatziki, tirosalad (cheese and olive oil salad) or just let Kosta recommend something for you.

Thassos is widely known for its good lamb, but it is almost famous as the Iatrou tavern, so if you visit Thassos and want to try lamb from Thassos at some popular tavern, then do it at this tavern.

It is best to visit the tavern in the late afternoon. Take a walk in Theologos which is an interesting and authentic, traditional village, the former capital of the island.

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