Possidi is a small town on the southwest coast of Kassandra, about 100km away from Thessaloniki and 740km away from Belgrade.

Posidi is specially built tourist resort, tucked in the high hills and greenery. It's a small place with a supermarket, pharmacy, several shops including butcher's, several taverns, restaurants and coffee bars. Bakery is a part of the supermarket located at the town entrance. Along the beach there is a perfectly nice promenade.

Posidi has a large number of traditional taverns and cafes with beautiful landscaped gardens that have a direct view of the sea.

The town beach is narrow and long, organized and extends all the way to the famous the cape or sandbar that cuts deep into the sea (Cape Possidi). On both sides of the cape there are beaches. On one side is already mentioned city beach and on the other there's one of most beautiful beaches on Kassandra - Egeopelagitika.

The city beach has 2-3 rows of deck chairs. On the shore it's sandy, in the first few meters in water there's a flat rock, then sand and shallow, so it can be suitable for children. This side of the coast is more windy than Egeopelagitika which is in a lee. The city beach is arranged, but there are also space for visitors to set their chairs and umbrellas. Beach chairs and umbrellas belonging to bars are obtained on all-day use with ordered drink or coffee. On the beach there are showers and changing rooms, as well as toilets, and the beach is suitable for disabled people. It's regularly cleaned and maintained.

Going towards the above mentioned sandbar, first you'll come across the camping site where you should park your car, because you'll certainly get stuck in the the sand if trying to reach the peak by car. To the top of the reef you'll need to walk for about half an hour, so it is necessary to bring water, food and umbrella if you plan to stay, because this part of the coast is not organized. This cape is interesting because the sea is on both sides of it, sometimes it's windy on one side and quiet on the other. Also, a large expanse of sand resembles of a desert in the middle of the sea. We recommend that you do not walk up to the very peak, but to bathe at the beginning of the reef, as it can be hard to reach the peak in the heat. The sea in this part of Possidi is truly beautiful, clear and turquoise, very clean and clear, the sand is bright, almost white, and the whole atmosphere is a reminiscent of exotic beaches on distant islands.

In this part of Possidi is interesting to dive, while children are especially thrilled by fine sand and shallow water. Not far away, at the beginning of the cape, there is the famous lighthouse from the 19th century. People say that during its construction the sea was reaching up to it, but in the meantime the sea withdrawn, so now there's a little less than one kilometer from the lighthouse until the end of the reef. Near the lighthouse there are the remains of a temple dedicated to Poseidon, the ancient god of the sea.

The sun sets very late because it comes to the West, so you can enjoy on the beach till evening. On the other side of a sandbar spreads Egeopelagitika beach, located about 2km from the center of Possidi. It's one of the most beautiful beaches on Kassandra, it's very long and wide, with sand and shallow water. The sea on it is always peaceful and transparent, and the beach itself is clean and well maintained. In the back of the beach there are several accommodation facilities and bars with deckchairs and parasols.

The most famous bar is Cocus, very popular among young people and very well visited, especially on weekends. Beach chairs and umbrellas are included with the ordered drink, music is loud and the atmosphere is very lively. On weekends, parties lasts all day until late at night, while on working days is peaceful. Cocus is far from the accommodation facilities, so the music doesn't disturb the tourists. The bar has free parking for its guests, a gym, a place for Zumba, a large number of chairs, fast food, and a playground for children. The beach is wide enough, so it's not too crowded not even on weekends. Bar also feature .

Near the bar, you can try out some water sports.

Another popular bar in Possidi is Hikes, also very modern and located on the left side from the campsite.

Egeopelagitika is a perfect beach for families with children and all those who love tranquility on beach, enjoyment with a book or afternoon nap away from the first neighbors. With beautiful sunsets and always peaceful and clear water.

For a summer vacation in Possidi a car is required, especially if you are in an apartment accommodation. Although there is a supermarket, for larger purchases you can go to Skala Fourka, 6km away from Possidi. In addition to having a larger supermarket, you can buy a giros there unlike in Possidi, or even order it from Skala Fourka. In some of hotels is possible to rent a car.

The largest number of tourists in Possidi is located in hotels with provided food, so they don't mind being in the city with only 2-3 shops. In last few years, more and more luxury villas and apartments were built on a hill above the Possidi, offering a fantastic view of the sea and greenery surrounding Posidi.

Posidi is a calm and gentle place, just like the entire west coast of Kassandra, more vivid, peaceful and greener compared to Eastern. The atmosphere is very pleasant, relaxing and perfect for a vacation in true sense of the word. Without nightclubs and cafes for young people, it's recommended only to families with children and people who are looking for peace and tranquility.

There's always enough place on the beach and free lounge chairs, even in the high season.

Some hotels have provided doctors on call, and 10-minute drive away in Cassandria there's a health center.

If you want more active vacation, except Skala Fourka, you can also visit Siviri, nice resort about 10km away, with more to offer. Beautiful Kallithea, considered by many to be the most beautiful city on Kassandra, is located 20km from Possidi, while Afitos, the most authentic place on Kassandra, is 21km away.

Popular sites on the eastern side of Kassandra, Polihrono, Hanioti and Pefkohori, are also easily accessible. Hanioti is 23km, Polihrono 19km and Pefkohori 27km away. One of the most beautiful beach on Kassandra - Xenia, is 34km from Possidi.