Since our old guests want to change the destination, but not us, we decided to offer them a few other holiday destinations. Our offer is expanding slowly and carefully, and only by personal visit to a destination and accommodation that we provide.

By the end of last year (2013) we set out to discover new and interesting places for vacation and holidays.

After leaving the island, of course, we disembarked in Keramoti. Keramoti is a very small place, but what was for us a surprise, is fantastic long peščcana beach and line of beautiful villas and hotels right next to it. We immediately embarked on a tour and gathered information about them which we now have in our offer.

After Keramoti we visited Kavala. A big city with lots of content, ideal for those who want an active holiday. Beautiful beaches around Kavala however, provide an opportunity for vacation for those who want a quiet holiday on the outskirts of a large city. Nearest, and in our opinion the most beautiful beach that belongs to Kavala is just 5-7 minutes drive and is called the Palio. On this beach there are a number of excellent accommodation facilities that can be found on our website.

At only 13km from Kavala is a tourist place Nea Iraklitsa which for us is a real discovery. Very nice and charming place with sandy beach 2km long, a small harbor, cute promenade and a number of cafes and restaurants left us with the impression of an ideal, yet undiscovered place for a quiet family holiday.

Nea Iraklitsa was followed by another very pleasant surprise, Nea Peramos! Very nice town with a long sandy beach, plenty of restaurants, tavernas, cafes with beautiful gardens along the coast, parks… and only 3 minutes drive from the city center is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches we’ve ever seen, wonderful Ammolofi beach! Smallest sand you can imagine, gradual depth, 3km long and 50m wide - this beach left us breathless! Nea Peramos complete with Ammolofi beach is an ideal place for a perfect holiday!

On our way further we came upon a small and charming place called Ofriniou or Touzla, then one of the most famous places in the north of Greece Asprovalta and Stavros…

More details on all of the above areas you can read in the guide, and accommodation that we provide to you in these places can be found in the category of Accommodation.