My first year on Thassos. First one, because I do not remember my first visit to Thassos, I only know from stories of others that Potos was popular destination 30 years ago. My husband and I have a child, a naughty girl of 3 years old, whom I call baby in the text (in a way, she still is).

My husband and I are not young, but we have such a spirit. He loves diving and underwater fishing, and I like to wander. We hired a grandmother as a babysitter, because we wanted freedom to move around Thassos. The baby needed sand, clean and warm sea and a lot of shade. A baby-sitter was also demanding, because she had her conditions, such as avoiding big heat in the middle of the season, accommodation very close to the beach, comfortable and clean apartment, with air conditioning etc. We had a lot of doubts about Potos and less popular place beach Pachis, and now we think that Pachis, a small place with one great and the most pleasant beach on the entire Thassos, was the realization of almost all our dreams and needs. Pachis is the ideal beach, with the most pleasant temperature of the sea, not so many visitors, long and with different beach sections, with a lot of thick natural shade… because of everything I mentioned before I call it the most beautiful beach on Thasos. Apart from the small number of tourists accommodated in just a few of the nearby accommodation units, there were plenty of people with children who were staying in Potos and other places, and every day, they traveled 90km to get to this beach. On the beach you have everything from sunbeds and the most beautiful shade, to drinks, food and toilet… On the other side, the place has nothing, not even a store or supermarket, but to everyone who comes by car, this will not be a problem, because everything is very close, the capital, the largest market… On Pachis, at the time of the greatest heat, it was cold if you go under the thick shade that smells so good, because it is all under herbs and in which you can hear the loudest and most pleasant crickets.

Pachis is so natural, non-urban, yet everything is organized so that you always have everything and nothing is missing. The baby had the best vacation so far, she was always inside of the warm and clean sea. And the grandmother was overwhelmed. And then it was our turn. We bought a map and went on a tour of the place, stopping for swimming, diving, or eating. It was beautiful, but also too hot, even if we had an air-condition on all the time while we were in the car. After beach Pachis, we were feeling hot on the most beautiful beaches. However, such diversity and beauty of the beaches is hard to find and everything is like a dream, heaven for the eyes and all the senses. Thassos breathes and smells good.

The most beautiful impression on me was left by the beach Pachis and Marble beach (the water is like in the bathtub, and we enjoyed so much perhaps because we went on it in the evening, and on the other beaches it was difficult for me because it was too hot, the sun was abnormally strong even if the wind was blowing constantly). I liked Potos the least, crowded of people and shops, and a beach looks like kiln with umbrellas. The best night outs were in Limenaria, and if Limenas was cute and had great cocktails. We went all the way around as we wanted and went to more places in one day, because they are similar distances like those that we daily pass by car in Belgrade. The prices of everything on Thassos seem very expensive. But compared to the last year’s expense in September in the disgrace of Montenegrin Petrovac and its city beach, at the end Thassos is not expensive! In the offer are mostly classical Chinese trinkets that are sold along the streets at high prices, but for this reason, rely on Thessaloniki when you are coming back, if you do not have a spoiled and demanding child. We did not manage to buy anything for us, just some autumn clothes for her, which was on discount.

We returned from Thassos with the usual expense for the vacation and without any shopping, although I saw a beautiful leather handbag in the middle of Thassos, which I would pay twice as much if I saw it before. Special problems are insects, but good Autan and other mosquito repellants can help. We all had some sort of small allergy, but it passed away and there was no virosis. I came back from Tasos with 3kg less, beautiful and tight, tanned (almost in the shade), because I walked a lot in a soft shallow and took everything what Thassos had to offer. The island is inspirational. It has a beautiful climate and nature that you can watch for hours. Nevertheless, we are homebodies, and after the first five days, as always, we would terribly miss our house. This time, while we were leaving, something happened to me that has never happened before. As we pulled out the car from the Sapfo apartment yard where we were accommodated, a crowd of children - friends of our daughter and their parents (mostly Serbs) waved from the gate. We were moving down the road that was very close to the sea, and I suddenly started crying. Some of the most touching tears went down on my face. My husband laughed a bit to me, but the kid understood why I was crying. Thassos is my most emotional holiday, and I will always carry a magical feeling about it.

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