Pachis accommodation — summer 2021

antoniadis studios pachis thassos  (1)

Antoniadis is a modest accommodation but very affordable, so it is very popular among the guest because there are no affordable accommodations on Pahis beach. Villa... Read more

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pahys studios pachis thassos  (1)
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Pahys Studios is an accommodation complex of studios and apartments in a spacious and beautifully landscaped yard, located on one of the most popular beaches... Read more

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sapfos house pachis thassos 16
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Sapfo's House is the most popular accommodation on Pachis beach. The reasons for that are wonderfully arranged courtyard, ideal for families, beautiful apartments, kind owners... Read more

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angelena house pachis thassos 2
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Angelena House is a quality accommodation, located in a peaceful environment and offers to its guest complete privacy. The house is very spacious and can... Read more

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olivemare house pachis thassos  (8)
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Olivemare House is a modern and nicely equipped accommodation, located in a quiet location, with a spacious and fenced yard. Guests have at their disposal... Read more

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armonia villas skala rachoni thassos 4
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Armonia Villas are located on the northern tip of Thassos near Pachis beach and Glyfoneri beach, fine sand beaches and pine trees that reach the... Read more

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