A young, smart and very worthy girl with a degree from the faculty of tourism, knocked on many doors in Serbia, but as it usually happens in Serbia, she has not managed to find a job despite all the qualities she possesses as a human being and as a worker.

In the middle of the season, when I lost hope that I could manage hundreds of quests for accommodation, I called her to come and try to help me. She accepted and she was on the island within two days.

She stayed throughout the summer, visited all the villas and hotels that are on the site, every day trying to get to know the island as much as possible and I hope that by next year she will be ready to seriously assist me in business.

Now I’m with her in Limenas. We’ve been here for ten days and we will stay until we get a clearer picture of north side of the island. As you noticed, there was very little information on Limenas and Skala Potamia on the site, and the offer was very modest. Now, the two of us, are planing to correct that.
You should see us as we walk the deserted streets with notebooks in hands, and carefully write down all the houses and every turn, every supermarket, gas station, bakery.

Scale Panagia is especially empty (Golden Beach).Yesterday some of the locals were shouting, thinking that we are tourists: “Girls you are late, the season is over”. At Golden Beach, we could not find any restaurant or kiosk to buy something to eat. We walked 2.5km to order a sandwich at Skala Potamia :-)

It is interesting that the October weather this year is very nice and that there are swimmers on the beaches, mostly islanders. The owner of one hotel told us that for the first time in her life she went to the beach in October.

Limenas only has a little bit of life in itself, but we also “close” restaurants there. We tried a lovely soup with vegetables in a tavern on the coast, and when we decided to repeat it after a few days, we came across a padlock. We dined in the Zorbas tavern and told us it was their last working day. At the gate of Vigli’s restaurant on Golden Beach, it says: “Closed. See you next year. Happy Christmas ” wit a drawing of Christmas tree :-)

Regardless of the fact that everything is empty and closed, there is some beauty in that too. It’s as if somehow life suddenly slows down and resolves to give you some time to think about your life, people, your choices, your way of life. I think this is at the same time the greatest advantage of life in small towns and islands in comparison to the big city. Here a man, even if he does not want, is thinking about the people he loves and who loves him and has time to tell them that and to show them his love, has time for a relaxed walk and socializing with friends without looking at the clock, he can drift away and spend the whole day doing nothing and not thinking about any obligations, because he starts with work in 7 months :-) He has time to figure out whether he is heading in the wrong direction, to slow down and get back on track.

Although there are only small villages on the island, Latin dance, aerobics, folklore, martial arts are very popular in each of them, because people have time and almost all have opted for at least two activities during the winter.

Most of the male population goes fishing several times a week, and on Sunday hunting partridges and rabbits. Winter is also ideal for those who want to learn a language, get driving license, travel, create some “business” for the next year :-)

No matter how hard it was to work during the season, every day without a free day and a break, it is very comforting to have nice vacation and to spend arned money during the winter, although honestly, on Thassos money can not even be wasted because there’s almost nothing to buy :-)

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