One new toll booth was planned to be set in Egnatia Odos, nearby Asprovalta.

In April started the construction of one more on the way Thessaloniki - Seres - Promahonas, so the travellers from Bulgaria to Greece will have some extra costs in the future.

The third toll road will be set on the road Thessaloniki Oreokastro, and will wait all tourists who take a detour around Thessaloniki to the Chalkidiki and Thassos.

All these toll roads will be ready after summer, so there will be no more extra costs until then (except of toll road after Evzoni).

To resume - for the summer 2019 those who travel in Thassos over Bulgaria will pay on one more toll road, those who go in Thassos over Macedonia will pay on two more toll boths, and the tourists who go Chalkidiki will pass one more toll raod. The prices are not set yet.

You can see in the photo above marked toll boths: 1) green - the new ones, 2) blue - toll boths on peripheral roads to Egnatia Odos, 3) yellow - the existing ones.