If you are tired of “service information” like is there Lidl, are mosquitoes there, where to go when the waves are big, here’s one text for you, written at the beginning of 2017.
I’m sure many of you will recognize themselves in it …

And so … now it’s official, this year we are not going on a vacation together with kids. After almost 24 years, Danijela Ristic and I are alone on our own holiday. This fact brings some new moments, first of all, many things that I have not to do anymore. Let’s start from the beginning: I do not have to stop on the road for toilet brake five times, because one kid have to go and than the other and never at the same time, bring beach toys, bags, umbrellas and a thousand nonsense in every case, to dig tunnels and make castles, to play tennis in water, next to water and on the beach, to play water sports and count the result as if we are at the Olympics (and after that my shoulder hurts until November), to carry a boat with all the oars because it’s extra, catch it in the open sea, return it, blow it out because “brother it is boring”, to go to the room for sleep when the hottest part of the day is (and then when I get up I do not know what is my name), to eat those donuts on the beach, because my donkeys always want it but later they can not eat them because they are not hungry so I eat them in order to avoid throwing them away (the same thing with pancakes in the evening), to play air hockey, hit boxer machine, drive and hit cars at Funfair, throw money on hand that catches stupid teddy bears, I do not even have to get anywhere near Funfair anymore. Also, to carry medications like we are “Doctors Without Borders”, to wake up a doctor at 2 in the night because maybe ear hurts us and maybe not, to remove hedgehog spikes from the heel (from the one and the only hedgehog in the sea - only Aleksa knows how and why), to push the baby stroller around Thessaloniki on the biggest heat, because the asshole can sleep only while he is being pushed in a stroller, while madame is in shopping, to be locked in the Zara cabin all three of us while Danijela brings the jeans to see if they fit them … because, you know, it is on sale! (the record is 11 pairs for 70eur) .. . What to say, we have not even started our vacation yet, and I’m missing all this things … enjoy the kids while they are little, those are unforgettable moments.
Update: The text is written under the guilty feeling because we blew off the children for vacation.
Year 2018: Long live freedom, everything is the same as it used to be, Mrs and I as a young couple doing everything that we … I can not really tell you all the details … use your imagination.

Author: Andrija Ristic