Chania is the most picturesque place on Crete and the second largest. It is located in the northwest of Crete and has long been the capital of the island.
There are flights from Thessaloniki to Chania, via Ryanair airline company, and if a ticket is provided for a month or two in advance, it can be found 40-50e. The flight lasts 55 minutes.
Chania has about 60,000 inhabitants.

The city is divided into old and new town. The new town is no different from other coastal cities in Greece, while the old town managed to preserve the authentic architectural masterpieces of civilizations and powerful conquerors on the road. Numerous monumental buildings are still in operation in the old town.

In the old town there is also a picturesque port, a Venetian lighthouse, a mosque, a fountain on the very square next to the sea (“Sidrivani” as the Greeks would say). By the decision of the Greek Ministry, since 1965 the old town has become a historic monument of special importance and it is protected.

The old town is characterized by countless narrow streets, with preserved Venetian houses and behind their walls there are taverns, bars, shops, delicatessens… These beautifully decorated walls, vibrant colors, colorful buildings can really take your breath away… You can walk the streets for days and admire every corner that is interesting and unique in its own way. You will certainly want to make hundreds and hundreds of photos in Chania.

Along the coast there is a promenade full of tourists, restaurants and cafes. There is also a Venetian port that leads to the great lighthouse that offers a beautiful view of the city. The lighthouse and port are ideal for walking in the evening, because they are beautiful and romantically lit.

Most of the tourists in Chania are from Scandinavian countries, and the Canadians and Americans are very numerous. They are also priced accordingly.

In the old town there is a large selection of accommodation facilities and prices are generally decent, similar to those in the rest of Greece. Most rooms that are rent out in the old town do not have a kitchen, but only a fridge and a coffee set.

The Old Town is an excellent choice as a base for visiting Crete. If you, however, need to have a beach very close to accommodation then it is better to choose the accommodation in the new part of Chania in the area called Nea Hora. Nea Hora has a large and wide sandy beach, which is about 1km away from the old town and it can be reached by foot.

Restaurants have very different prices. Some may even have double price lists. It is best to avoid restaurants that are just offshore, because they are the most expensive. The main dishes in Chania range from 7 to 30e. We recommend that you taste the specialties of the Tamam restaurant in the old town, in the street parallel to the coast. It has very decent prices and a varied menu. Be sure to try chicken rolls, tomato meatballs, veal specialties…

In the old town, there are almost no bakeries, so they need to be looked for in the new section. Immediately after leaving Chalidon, there are plenty of them. There are quick-food kiosks, so it’s best to try souvlaki and gyros there, because you can’t find them around the square. We recommend the kiosk with a great Karvunaki kebab. In this part there are also bigger super markets, but also shopping streets with branded stores.

You’ll never be bored in Chania, you just may wish to stay there forever.

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