When I first got out of the tourist bus and stepped the Parga ground, I can freely say that I fell in love immediately. I knew from before that Greece was beautiful and had many beautiful landscapes, beaches, bays, many beautiful islands that need to be seen, but I will never forget the feeling that I have in Parga, nor can it be measured with something else.
Simple fascination with narrow Mediterranean streets, stone scales that lead up the hill to the fortress that has a fantastic view of the blue, blue sea and the bay where is my Parga. I’ve never felt that spirit of Greece that all of us tourists like so much, like there, in Parga.
On the dock where the boats and ships are is actually the square of this sweet little town.Everywhere along the main promenade there are taverns, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. In the center of the square is a large metal anchor, and the from all these restaurants is spreading the view on a beautiful little island that is located not far from the dock, where lays charming white church and simply makes you feel light, romantic and somehow vulnerable.
All the problems disappear there, people are communicative, pleasant, always smiling and provide some isolation from everyday life. Life is slow and filled with beautiful moments. The beaches are mostly rocky and gravelly, while there are fantastic sandy beaches in the vicinity of the Parga, long beaches and turquoise waters with sparkling waves. The city beaches are the Krioneri, Piso Krioneri and Valtos, which is the longest and most popular.
Sunbeds are paid on all beaches, there are no free sunbeds with orderd drinks. Prices range from 5-10 € per set. In Parga the water is colder, because the Ionian Sea is colder than the Aegean, but it is very pleasant for swimming mainly from April, May.
In this region rarely rains and there is no high humidity. The season lasts from the beginning of May to the end of October, although the Swedes and the English are starting to arrive already in April. There are many different tourists and you can hear many different languages in such a small space.
Parga is liked mostly by Swedes and generally Scandinavians, Italians, English, Dutch, Germans, and in recent years there are a lot of Serbs. Many Englishmen bought houses and restaurants here and left a sandy England and their jobs to retire in this beautiful city.
This is a place perfect for everyone’s taste and for all generations. As far as families with children are concerned, holiday can not be boring, there are many ice cream parlors and shops with sweets, toys and souvenirs, water and beaches are wonderful, and as for couples this place is so romantic and so much can be seen and visited.
In Parga, there is a museum of Paragae where you can see a film about the production of olive oil - all locals deal with it here, as well as the ways of making oil with antique machines, and there is also a museum on the fortress with all the information about the history of this small town. It is very easy to reach Corfu, Lefkada, Ionian Islands from Parga.
There is also an indispensable cruise to the Blue Cave and the islands of Antipaxos and Paxos, where the water is phenomenally pure and the colors of the glittering turquoise. For youngsters there are many cafes and cocktail bars where there is often live music as well as the music of local DJs that play songs just for you.
The best restaurants, in my opinion, are Arkoudas, Edem, Veneziano, Filomila. The most popular cafes are Del Mar, Il Posto, Sugar&Spice, Terra Bar, Blue Bar, while the cocktail bars that are the most famous are Veranda and Sail in. A beautiful holiday spot, a resort type at the end of Valtos Beach, provides an unbeatable sense of freedom and beauty, and it is called Cape North West. There you can enjoy music, drink a cocktail on the sunbed or dine in the restaurant where the service is perfect.
The most famous and beautiful beaches in the vicinity of the Parga, which are visited by local boats every day, are Lichnos beach, Sarakiniko, Loutsa and the beach in the town of Sivota, which is very near, called Mikri Ammos.
He who comes to Parga never forgets it, and many tourists from around the world have been coming for decades and are flying in this fairytale town on the Aegean coast.
Try to feel the charm of this part of Greece and you will not repent.