Greek cuisine and traditional Greek local products are world- famous by their taste and nutritional values.

It is not accidental that last three years 37.000 foreign users, from 145 countries around the world, were searching for Greek products and Greek export companies through official web page of Panhellenic Exporters Association. The most visitors were from USA, Great Britain, China, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, India, Italy, Turkey and France.

There are many traditional Greek product of high quality and unique taste.

National Greek products are ouzo, honey, olive oil, wine and cheese feta.

Greece is famous by the production of mastic from Chios, which we mentioned recently, and it is world-famous saffron from Kozani.

What should you try from Greek products when you are on vacation here?

Thassos is famous by pine honey, but you should try honey made of thyme and whole walnuts in honey.

Except those, specialty of Thassos are dry olives, famous in whole Greece, and they are exported in other countried. Olive oil is also something which you have to buy on this island.

Halkidiki? For sure honey from Nikiti and Arnaia, olive oil and olives from Halkidiki which are famous in whole Greece by their size, they are really big. You should also try the wine from winery of hotel Porto Carras.

In Olympiada on Athos you should try shells, which are specific by its size and nutritional value (they have more iron than usual).

It is said that the best souvlaki can be eaten in the village of Halkidiki, named Agios Prodromos. Also, it is said that the jam of famous apricots of Halkidiki, from the place Portaria, has special taste.

Ivana Zivkovic Caldis lives years and years in Neos Marmaras and her recommendations are the following: “Souvlaki Miltidis from Agios Prodromos. Midopilafo are the shells with rice which you must try in Olympiada, but they are also good on Halkidiki. White wine of winery Porto Carras - Malagouzia and Chateau, are excellent. If you want to drink nice domestic wine, red or white, order it in tavern Paul in the village Parthenonas (5km above Neos Marmaras). You can also buy it and take it home or give it as a gift.” Ivana also recommends the goat feta Valma which is produced in the village Palaiochora on Halkidiki. You can buy it in supermarket.

On Santorini you should try wine, fava and cherry tomato which is unique in the world.

Small town in the mountains of Epir, Metsovo, produces the famous cheese Metsovone, so if you’ll spend your vacation on the Ionian coast, you can step by in this wonderful place and try this cheese.

On Kefalonia you should try wine from winery Robola, aliada (skordalia of Kefalonia, puree of potatoes and garlic), meat pie, on Lefkada wine and olive oil, but also famous lens, but the best ouze in Greece is produced on the island Lesvos. The most famous brands are Barbayanni, Plomari, Giannatsi.

Parga is, like many other regions in Greece, famous by the great olive oil, but also by cherry liquor.

Corfu is an island which has many different traditional, local and protected products. I will mention only few of them.

Ginger Ale is refreshing non-alcoholic beverage with ginger and lemon, famous and protected like product of Corfu.

Tourists from Corfu usually take with them nougat (caramelized almond colored in red), beer and small strawberries, liquor of kumquat, mandolato - plates (nougat) of almonds…

One separate post should be written about many above mentioned products and soon we will write little bit more about them, and a lot more about those that we didn’t mention.

Do you have some recommendation what should not be missed to be tasted while we are in Greece?

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