Following text is taken from blog “Tina thinks”… Full text, with impressions about beaches in Thassos, you can read HERE.


This year we spent our summer vacation in Greece, on the northernmost Aegean island, Thassos. Would be enough for you to tell you that I added Thassos on my “love list” and I wish I will go there again in a couple of years? Now I understand why out of the 250 inhabited Greek islands (according to all statistics), Thasos Island has the highest percentage of tourists who come back on this island again.

In the past years, I had the opportunity to watch photos of friends and to read the experiences in various forums, and either they were totally enthusiastic, or they say: ‘vacation for retired people’ …
Since we are all different, it’s quite normal to love different things. With the informations from various texts, I had a certain fear, especially from the story that the beaches were full of bees and so on. None of us got caught or was close to it, because we did not see them on the beaches. Inland of the island there are many hives, but these bees were ‘good’, they were doing their job and did not care for curious tourists. To immediately demistify it, there were no problems with the bees in June, for the other months I am not sure. :)

Everything I will write here, about Thassos, related to places, objects, people is from my personal experience, and without any interest or someone’s advertisement. Simply, it is my experience I want to share.


Thassos you can reach only by ferry, from Kavala or Keramoti, whether you have flown by plane to Kavala or you came by car. If you are staying in the northern part of the island, you will take a ferry from Keramoti because it goes to the capital, Limenas, which is in the north, and if you are staying in the south, then from Kavala can be a little bit better, because it brings you to the Skala Prinos, and from there is much easier to drive trough more accessible west coast to the south of the island, to Limenaria, Potos and nearby places, because it is assumed that you are tired after an all-night ride.
An important note is that the west side of the island is more domestic, there are no big curves, heights and similar things, but a slow drive on the main road through small towns, olive trees and all the way you are driving next to the coast, while the eastern side is full of curves and a bit more demanding to drive. Despite this, there are very nice viewpoints in the east, and the ferry from Keramoti is cheaper and lasts only 35 minutes, while driving from Kavala is twice as long and more expensive. Departures Keramoti - Limenas are more frequent, while from Kavala they are not. It all depends on you, we came from Kavala and went back to Keramoti, which was an excellent choice for us.

The beauty of the ferry ride completes a swarm of seagulls and albatrosses, which take food or snacks from your hand, cool wind, and for those who do not like wind or sun, there is an indoor, air-conditioned part with cafe. And when you are on the ferry (on a way back) and “musicians” come with greek songs, you realize that you are leaving the country of music and sea and it is more difficult to go back home. :(


Many serbian agencies have in their offer Thassos, but I went to Thassos with a help of our woman who lives on the island. Her name is Ana Nikolic, and on her website you can find all the necessary information about Thasos, and about accommodations also.

During the winter I contacted her by e-mail and I told her what I needed on vacation (what kind of beach we like, that we are going with a small child, that we want to be located by the sea and so on) and she offered us some options. In the end, with her help, I chose one, but you can also check her offer by yourself and then ask her to check for you availability with the owner.

What is important to note is that on her website you can find information about at least 90% of the accommodations in Thassos, honestly described with photos and visitor’s experience. She charges this service only from owners of accommodations. She has her agency in Potos across the church. She works professionally and I really recommend cooperation with her.

Before vacation, I was reading her texts about Thassos, I imagined all that she described beautifully and when I arrived there, I realized that almost all the important informations, history, map, I know by heart. Her website is like an interesting book about Thassos, which is constantly updated. Many of the information I’m giving here are right from her website … Thanks, Ana :)


Thasos is known as a green island or a “swimming forest”. Even in Herodotus writings is mentioned as a green island. In the nineties, the island caught three fires, three years in a row. More than half of the island was completely burnt. People from island say that the island was full of pine trees before fire, entire coastline of the island. Now you will see low vegetation on the almost entire west side of the island, a big contrast, while the western part of the island is dominated by olive trees and low vegetation, on the eastern side there are still conifers. Among the tourists on this island you can meet Serbians, then Romanians, Germans, Bulgarians and Macedonians.

Apparently, the first tourist on Thassos was a Serb, and even the famous, perhaps the most beautiful, now very popular Marble Beach (Saliara beach) was discovered by a doctor from Serbia and the beach many years after that was called “Doc’s beach” :)


If you like huge resorts, big harbors, big cities at the sea, shopping centers, crazy parties on the beach, Mc Donalds, then Thassos is not right choice for you… There is no such things there … But everything else there is :)

On the island there is only one large hypermarket, and all other places have standard, well-equipped markets, restaurants, traditional greek taverns in the villages and towns, enough pharmacy and souvenir shop. It was enough for me, and I really did not miss anything. And even if I missed something from mentioned, everything important was there - family, health, beautiful nature and good books …


Thasos has beaches for everyone, beautiful coves with clear water, full of fish, pine forests, thousands of olive trees, fantastic honey and friendly people. They say that the mark for Thasos is - 3M- (sea, honey, olives). What was so amazing for me is the most intense aroma of the Mediterranean, the sea, and in fact it is the smell of the surrounding vegetation. It’s incredible, I still smell my bag for beach, and I’m not going to wash it, really, so I could smell it and during the winter when I miss the sea ;))

From the southern part of the island, the view over the sea ends at Athos (the third finger of Halkidiki or the Holy Mountain). Athos watched from the Potos beach, so close, but far away.