Drivers heading to the seaside often have many questions about the route, road conditions, traffic, border crossings, and where to encounter fewer congestions. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you plan your trip, from different routes, using live cameras at border crossings to recommended places for breaks along the way.

Driving to the Sea: Which Route to Take?

Whether you’re heading to Tasos, Sitonia, Lefkada, or any other destination, check out our detailed guide with all the necessary information.

THASSOS - How to Reach Tasos? Find out the best way to travel to Tasos in our guide Driving to and from Tasos.

SITHONIA - What is the most convenient route by car to Sitonia? Learn everything about the journey to Sitonia in our guide Driving to Sitonia.

KASSANDRA - How to get to Kasandra? Check out the detailed description in our article Driving to Kasandra.

ATHOS - Planning a visit to Athos? Discover the route to Athos and all the necessary information in our guide Journey to Athos.

THESSALONIKI REGION - Find out how to reach the Thessaloniki region in detail in the article Driving to the Thessaloniki Region.

KAVALA - You can reach Kavala through Southern Macedonia or Bulgaria. For more details\, read the article Driving to Kavala.

LEFKADA - This gem of Greece attracts millions of tourists. Find out how to reach Lefkada in our guide Driving to Lefkada.

IONIAN COAST via Niki border crossing - Visit our article “Niki Border Crossing - Journey to the Ionian Coast” if you’re heading to Lefkada, Kefalonia, or other islands on the Ionian coast.

EPIRUS - If you’re traveling to popular resorts like Parga and other well-known places\, check out the detailed description in our guide “Journey to Parga and Epirus.”

KEFALONIA - How to get to Kefalonia? Find the best route to Kefalonia in our guide “Journey to Kefalonia.”

Traveling via Bulgaria

For many tourists, especially those from northern and eastern Serbia, traveling via Bulgaria shortens the journey, especially when vacationing on Tasos or around Kavala. For a detailed description of the route through Bulgaria, refer to the article “Driving to Greece via Bulgaria.

Another route worth exploring is the route via Vlasina Lake and Bulgaria.

Ferry to Tasos

Ferries to Tasos operate from two coastal towns: Kavala and Keramoti.
From Kavala, the ferry takes you to Skala Prinos, while from Keramoti to Limenas. The Kavala - Skala Prinos ferry ride takes 75 minutes, and the Keramoti - Limenas ride takes only 35 minutes. Tourists often use the Keramoti port due to frequent ferry departures (every half hour) and lower ticket prices.
Check the ferry schedule, ticket prices, and other information in our article “Ferry to Tasos.”

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How to Avoid Congestion at Border Crossings?

With live cameras, you can see the traffic flow at the border crossings, check for any delays, and determine the number of active lanes and other important information. This way, you can plan your journey, choose the best time to cross the border, and avoid hours of waiting. It’s important to note that live cameras, along with Google Maps displaying queue lengths at the borders, can help you avoid waiting for several hours. You can find all the links to border crossing cameras in our article “Avoid Traffic Jams on the Road to Greece - Monitor Live Conditions at Border Crossings.”

Toll Booths, Tolls, and Other Travel Costs to Greek Resorts

For those traveling to Greece via North Macedonia from Belgrade, from now on the toll to Preševo will be 1690 RSD. From Novi Sad, the total amount of tolls in Serbia is 1960 RSD, and passengers departing from Subotica to Greece will pay 2410 RSD in one direction. The trip to North Macedonia from Niš this year will cost you 670 ili 770 RSD, depending on which exit you choose.
The total amount of tolls through North Macedonia is 380 DEN (€7.5).

From January 1, 2024, toll prices in Greece will be increased by an average of 7-7.5%.
The trip from Thessaloniki to Athens, for a standard family car, will increase by 2.20 euros and will cost 33.55 euros. The average increase ranges from 0.10 euros (for motorcycles)  to 4.5 euros (for buses with more than 40 seats on the Rio-Antirio bridge). The Attiki Odos and Egnatia Odos highways will not increase toll prices.

For holidays by region, the total toll prices are:
Thessaloniki region - to Asprovalta €5.00.
To Thassos - €7.40.
To Lefkada - €15.00.
To Vrahos, Parga - €10.60**.**
A vignette is mandatory for driving through Bulgaria.
Prices of vignettes through Bulgaria are:
· validity during the weekend (from Friday at 12:00 to Sunday at 23:59) – 10 BGL (€5)
· validity 7 days – 15 BGL (€8)
· validity for one month – 30 BGL (€15)
· validity of 3 months – 54 BGL (€28)
· validity 12 months – BGL 97 (€50)

Toll booths, tolls, and other travel costs to Greek resorts you can see here: Tolls and travel expenses to summer resorts in Greece.

Where to Rest or Stay Overnight on the Way to Greece?

If you want to take breaks on your journey to the sea, whether for lunch or an overnight stay, check out our suggestions and recommended places.
Accommodation on the Way to Greece
Rest Stops and Lunch Breaks on the Way to Greece
Accommodation and Sightseeing on the Way to Greece via Bitola
Accommodation on the Way to Greece via Bulgaria- Kerkini Lake.
Break and Overnight Stay on the Way to Greece - Hotel Romantik
Rila Monastery - A Stopover on the Journey to Greece via Bulgaria
Accommodation on the Way to Greece - Pamela Hotel in Macedonia

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