Author of the text: Bratislav Najdanović

We arrived on the island in the afternoon, walked into the room, “changed” and went outside. Going to the city beach and a little “relaxation”. The beach “ok, if there’s nothing better” - sand, gradual entry and DIY place (Do It Yourself). Tour of fishing, diving and scouting sites. The choice is falling to Maliatos… lower prices for most of the things we need to shop during the holidays (beer is more expensive, so it is purchased from now on in the dragstore on the main road, on the right side in front of the bridge to Limenaria, at a price of 0.60 € for the beer Vergina - I do not drink Amstel or Heineken in Nis either, so this is great… cheaper than in Serbia (0,5 l of domestic beer is 78 RSD). I do not like the absence of a purchase option on the scale (applies to the entire Limenaria, in Limenas it’s a common option) - there is only feta cheese - very good. There are no tzatziki salads, olives, tsipouro… just packed stuff. We found this later somewhere else, but I will write later on about that.

Limenaria seems at first glance O.K. We like urban places, where you can have a good time, with food stores and clothing sales at the end of the season.

In the morning we drink a morning coffee with Noynoy milk (you can buy it in corner shops, a package of 410 gr is much cheaper than small packages, and you can pour as much as you like), we make sandwiches and with 4 virgins (Vergina Beer) we pack all this into into a portable refrigerator. Of course, water also (cooled We wanted soda also but there wasn’t the kind we like. In the previous years we always took a very good nBn (iVi) with lemon, and nowhere in the whole Limenaria (not even in Potos) we couldn’t find it - only orange.

Wonderful morning for a walk. Let’s see fish markets. It has everything at very favorable prices, and we look at the swordfish (fillet) 18 euros per kilo. We could buy it, but ‘let’s walk, so when we get back.’ We are going up the highway, opposite the beach, in Kalyva. There is the path to Castro and to the Maries and further on to the lake (we leave that for the next year). It is a Sunday, so the locals went to the church. After the church, they all come out with cakes, well-dressed … and everyone goes the harbor where they hang out with their families. We like that very much. Very nice and kinda relaxed. We move deeper to the place through the small streets. Squaw stumbles on a donkey and serve him figs. For people who come here with family, with their own car, I think this is 5+ choice. Probably the price of accommodation is lower than the Limenaria, and they have all the most important contents: peace, silence, bakery, corner shops… Limenaria is only a few minutes/kilometers from here (there is no big choice of beaches right here) so I recommend it as a great place (base) where you can settle down and return after visiting the beaches and islands. There is also the best corner shop in this area. It has literally everything. On two floors - from cosmetics and cleaning products to fruit. Everything you can measure… feta pastries and salads (with and without fish), fruits and vegetables and tsatziki (only 5.5€ for a kilo). There is ice cream on stick, handmade, on the measure. We remember this from Polychrono. We think this is the best option for families with kids. The ice creams are a bit smaller than the standard ones, but they are just for kids. I think 10 to 12 pcs came in for a price of 13€. There are a lot of different tastes,so you can choose, and the price is per kilo. We really like this type of stores. We need to get back here before returning to Nis. We returnet to Limenaria to go to fish market… all empty, all sold, no swordfish … oh f…it. Of course, Sunday, the day for the family and people after returning from the church bought a lunch for today. We come to the coast, and there every bench and a place in tavernas filled with locals eating cookies. Tomorrow starts school so this is very nice to see…

We’re going fishing. We go to the right, towards the hotel “Ralitsa” and onwards. We’re trying out there, but the waves are too sharp. The beach is bad, there is room for DIY as you like. Gravel and stone at the entrance - above there is sand. Cafes, beach bars and hotels somewhat cleaned up in front and offer sunshades and sunbeds. Not good … we go to the dock.

We saved fishing rods and baits, and we are ready for fishing. We meet a guy from Zajecar and he made us great company, including fishing. We told all the fishing stories (our hand were too short to explain all catches).

The deal for the evening is fishing at the pier… We stop at the Bulgarians, who were fishing here all summer, and we take the sardine for cedar. We put everything right and throw away. Of course the squaw is pulled by something big. The fish is pulling, but ours are pulling as well… We tried and we tried but without success, and in the end we cut the string and attached it to one stone, leaving it for the later, to see what was it.
We will never find the outcome because we had another plan for the future.

In the morning, we are well rested, and we go to Limenaria all the way to the left, above the harbor, and go up the stairs up the trail. We arrive at Palakati, take a picture, and hold the road to the right. A little downhill by the stairs. We go straight, through the complex of the industrial area, from where you can go down to the Metalia beach. Long and wide, sandy-pebbled with many places for DIY. Beach-bar with sunbeds and umbrellas. The entrance to the water at the cafe is cleaned, and around you can get over slippery slat walls. To the left, next to the rocks, is a nice entrance to the water. There you can also find the shade below the pine trees in the morning and afternoon below the rock. The water is crystal clear. Below the water, jut around rocks, there is a real small underground city. You should see this and experience it! The largest shells that we have so far, near the coast, been able to extract. We caught a few octopuses there too. Great place for fishing. If you are in Limenaria, and without a car, it is for every recommendation. Behind the cafe you have a Crete’s maze, and the whole landscape abounds in marble and sculptures on the rocks. There are slippers and swings for kids and shower and changing box.

At the place where you can arrive to the beach by foot, you will also see parked cars. From there leads a macadam road towards the main highway around the island. From the highway exit from Limenaria towards Potos and after 1-2 km you will see a handwritten sign to the right where Metalia lies. By the beach, after 10 minutes of walking, and from the main road after 100-foot meters, you reach marble sign with zodiac signs. It’s worth seeing. Look to the left and to the right is beautiful. If you take photo next to your zodiac sign you will surely return you back to this island. Make your wish the moment you hear a “click” from the camera and see what kind of feelings will go through your body and force it to shiver.

On the day of departure, we pack sandwiches and the rest of the stuff and put it all down to the reception. It’s time to waste time, so let’s spend it.
We go in direction of Kalyvia to buy what we couldn’t find in the Limenaria’s stores: Tsatsiki ½ kilograms for home use (the tradition is that when we return home for 2-3 days we live as if we were in Greece). Cookies with chocolate (a set of 3 packages) for daughter and nephew. Last day is day to eat gyro, and of course in “Aegean” in Limenaria. The price is the same everywhere in the city, and the recommendation stands… it is wonderful… Let’s take the time, buy locomades for our home in that best pastry shop, and so… Tradition is Illy coffee as well… we drink it at the exit from Greece… drank!

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