Thassos - an island that we wish in the winter, when the summer is far away, and the green and blue colors have long disappeared from our surroundings, so everything is black or white and something in between - gray. And then paintings of Thassos start their performance - colors and scents are mixed up, and memories come - sandy beaches, turquoise sea, fragrant pine forests, stunning sunsets on the beach, silent nights whose silence only disturbs the sound of bouzouki or waves, the scents of corn on the dock, boats that are swinging, the sun and salt in my hair …

There are also the tops of the mountains recorded in my memory, which you can see when you go ahead towards the interior of the island, in the beautiful villages - and Ipsarion the highest peak (1206m) that challenges you to conquer it, and as you approach it, you become more aware that civilization is far away enough from you…

Hot summer days are being replaced by chilly nights that smell of wine, pine honey and olives, or even have the taste of a refreshing yogurt with island honey with the taste of pine needles or young walnuts …

The island is also known for producing top quality wine, and history records that Cleopatra was sending ships every year to bring wine from Tassos. The locals are so proud of their wine that they even swear at him, so you should not be surprised if you hear the saying: “I swear to wine from Thassos!” :))

One famous Greek legend says that this was originally an island of mermaids - women with a tail of fish, who swam and with their enthusiastic song could seduce every living creature that hear them,
except Odyssey. According to Herodotus, this the most northern Greek island was named after Thassos, Aginor’s son, Phoenician prince who arrived on the island searching for his sister Europe, the one that was taken by Zeus.

In the peace of this island Hippocrates spent four years. Who knows, maybe he wrote a famous medical Oath on Thassos.

Archaeological excavations testify that Thassos has a history of 3.000 years. The first known settlers of Thasos were Tracian tribes, and then the Phoenicians. The Greeks conquered the island in the eighth century B.C. due to the extremely rich gold mines.

There are also three small islands that belong to Thassos and they are located along its coast: Tasopoulo, Kinira and Panagia. Jorgos Dalaras wrote the song “Memory of Kinira”.

In my first post about Thassos, you could meet the beaches. In another post about Thassos, I will show you some interesting places in Thassos … three so-called cities, three villages … Of course, there are more villages and so-called towns in the island, but this is my choice, and you can explore and describe the others :)

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