Snow has become increasingly common in Greece in recent years. It is no longer so unusual to see snow on Halkidiki or Thassos, and then photos of our favorite summer resorts flood the social networks.
Of course, the snow in summer resorts makes children happy the most, so now every Greek family has at least one sled waiting for the snow.

The snow on Halkidiki and Thassos, but also in the Thessaloniki and Olympic regions, is never higher than 30 cm and does not last long, but enough to make the inhabitants of these regions happy.
High peaks such as Ipsarion on Thassos, or Olympus, are covered with snow almost throughout the winter.
It is not very known that Greece has as many as 24 ski resorts and almost 200km of ski trails.
The list of the best and largest ski resorts includes a ski resort on Mount Parnassus, with 36km of trails. The highest ski resort is located on the mountain Kajmakcalan (Voras), at an altitude of 2480 meters.
You can also visit Kajmakchalan during the summer, moreover, we recommend it to you, especially if you are a nature lover. On the way to Kajmakcalan you can visit the beautiful Edessa with waterfalls, fantastic thermal spring and Lutra Pozar pools, but also the road to the mountain top takes you through beautiful landscapes, next to beautiful lookouts, and at the top awaits you nice tourist village Agios Athanasios.