Greeks are the most hardworking people in Europe? :) What do you say?
Here is an interesting statistics.
Greeks have a reputation of being overpaid, lazy, and of going to early retirement. However, contrary to what most think, Greeks work the most in Europe.

Official data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development show that Greeks work 42 hours per week on average, which is more than all other EU countries, while Germans, for example, are working just over 35 hours. In the Netherlands working week lasts only 30 hours! The reason is that most people have part-time jobs.

There are various interpretations of such data that are definitely accurate, but some consider that the number of average working hours is greatly increased by many farmers in Greece, as well as shop and restaurant owners who work all day.

It is also thought that Greeks retire very early, but according to official statistics, the average Greek retires at age 57.8, in contrast to the Great Britain where the average age for retirement is 58.3, which is not a significant difference. However, it is true that Greeks retire earlier than many other EU countries’ citizens.
You can see the chart of weekly working hours in EU countries on the picture below.

In the end, we will add that according to statistics it turns out that workers from the countries that are currently in the biggest economic crisis are working the longest over the week (Greece, Portugal, Spain). Accordingly, the number of hours worked during the week and the effectiveness are not causally connected.