No, it’s not Greece. It’s Turkey, but the Greek city.

It is a unique Mediterranean city on the west coast of Turkey.

Alatsata is a city inhabited by the Greek population until 1914. At that time, this city had almost 14 000 inhabitants, from which just a little bit more than 100 were Turks.

After the complete Greek population was expatriated or exchanged with the Turkish population from Greece, the city remained empty …

Today, Alatsata is one of the most beautiful and most popular cities in Turkey, with beautiful coast, very clean and turquoise sea and developed tourism. Several times it was declared the best tourist destination in Turkey.

In Japan it is recorded a documentary about the history of this city, after which it became extremely visited by Japanese tourists.

One year he was ranked 8th on the list of the best World New York Times destinations.

A narrow paving stone streets, typical Greek traditional houses, a combination of blue and white color and many flowers - in a word, Greece!

Houses that belonged to the Greeks 100 years ago are now protected and will remain there to remind us of ancient times …

The Greeks refugees from this beautiful city have settled throughout Greece and now in several municipalities (Athens, Halkis, Iraklionn in Crete) there are places that have founded refugees from Alatsata and all of them have the same name - New Alatsata, and the Little Alatsata exists in America (Boston) and Australia and these settlements were also founded by refugees from Alatsata in Izmir.