Aspros Potamos is interesting and unique hotel in Greece, on the mountain above the Libyan sea, without electricity…

Aspros Potamos or White River is the oldest village in the region Pefki, on south-eastern side of Crete. It is around 1000m far from the coast. This region is famous by untouched nature, wild bays, great canyons, traditional and vivid villages. It is a connection of the sea and the mountains with endogenous species of pine and olive trees and citrus fruits.

The village Aspros Potamos is named after the river which flows through it. Earlier it was bigger, but the villagers were forced to abandon their houses because of the often attacks of pirates. They have moved to the higher and inaccessible parts of the island.

Ten years ago the houses were completely renovated. For renovation are used old materials and rocks which were found there. Because of its authenticity this neighborhood is now under the protection of the state.

Stone houses inside of this complex are ten in total and they are built in harmony with nature, and staying inside them should make you feel like you returned to the past. The houses were built 300 years ago, but now they are renovated using the same material.

Decoration and equipping the interior were done using the simple and traditional pieces of furniture, small wooden tables, utensils and dishes for preparing bread in a traditional manner, old materials and handicrafts, traditional dishes…

Base of bed is made of stone, windows remained as they were, thick stone walls, ceilings with crossed beams, straw and mud are used for isolation.

The houses are connected to each other with the traditional stone paths and each one of them has its own spacious balcony with a fantastic view on the nature.

Thick outer walls and good isolation make the inside of the houses fresh during summer and warm during winter.

In order to be in total harmony with the nature, complex is using only renewable energy sources. With the help of a solar system that generates its own electricity, the garden, reception and bathrooms are illuminated. A small reading lamp above the bed is also using the same energy source. In this way, water in the bathroom is also heated.

The basic lighting in the houses is provided by candles and petroleum lamps. Electric sockets do not exist. In the reception room, however, guests can use the electricity to charge the devices, the library and the wireless internet.

Kitchens are equipped with traditional dishes for food preparation.

At a time when natural environment and planet are being rapidly destroyed, eco tourism is one of the ways to awaken people’s awareness of the possibility of using renewable energy sources for everyday needs.

With this project, the owners wanted to support belief that beauty lies in simplicity, so the renovation and interventions in the reconstruction of the houses were reduced to a minimum.

Many nature lovers in these houses have found their paradise. This is a wonderful starting point for mountaineers, but also an excellent place for all those who want something different from their vacation - return to nature.

Peace, mountain, sea, nature… that is what this place offers.

One of the main attractions nearby is a long gorge that starts from the village Pefki and stretches all the way to Aspros Potamos, so visiting this gorge and walking through it is must do for everyone who loves an active holiday.

This complex is visited by painters and other artists, and the guest house is perfect for seminars of yoga, tai chi and similar.

The closest place on the coast is Makrigialos which represents famous touristic resort on the Libyan sea. In the whole region there are many beautiful, wild beaches and bays which are real challenges to all visitors and adventurers.