Author of the text: Bratislav Najdanović

Sivota is a charming, picturesque town that resembles ancient Mediterranean towns with its appearance and spirit. If you decide to spend your vacation just in Sivota, on this occasion we would like to introduce you to the beaches that surround this vibrant city. Enjoy the photos and description!

Beach Pisina **

Between the three islands surrounding the Life there are numerous bays with beautiful beaches, and the most famous of these beaches is certainly Pisina (in Greek Pisina means pool). The main characteristic of this beach is crystal clear water.

** Beach Gallikos Molos **

The easiest way to reach the beach is by following the trail along the sea from the small port in Sivota. The beach is narrow, pebbly. On the beach there is a small tavern.

** Beach Zerri **

The beach is located behind the beach Gallikos Molos. It is named after the traditional Turkish tavern located on the beach. The beach is pebbly and consists of the work. Behind the beach there is a waterpark that makes it extremely attractive.

** Beach Bella Vraca **

A beautiful beach located on the small island of Mourtemeno. You can reach the beach by a boat or by foot treading shallow water.

** Beach Zavia **

Sandy beach located in a small bay, recognizable by crystal clear water and beautiful surrounding. A special attraction of this beach is the sources of drinking water located exectly on the beach. In the backyard of the beach there is a bar where you can seek refreshment.

** Beach Mega Ammos **

The largest and most beautiful beach of this region, the beach is partly sandy and partly pebbly with excellent conditions for water sports. On the beach there are taverns where you can enjoy lunch or drink.

** Beach Aghia Paraskevi **

Following the road from the Mega Ammos beach to Perdici you will reach another significant beach of this region - the beaches of Aghia Paraskevi. The beach is pebbly, and a special attraction is a small island across the beach around which you can swim. On the beach there are catering facilities where you can seek refreshment.

** Beaches Arillas and Karavostasi **

These two beaches continue one on the other, and they are 12 km away from Sivota towards Perdika. The beaches are sandy, but the beach Arillas is considerably narrower and smaller than the Karavostasi beach. There is one tavern on both beaches.

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