One of the beauty of Thassos is in the variety of beaches.

There are plenty of them for everyone’s taste.

If you are not one of those who like a monotonous sandy beach with a long shallow, you might like Kekes beach because everything is the opposite of that.

In fact, everyone likes Kekes, even those who love sand.

Well hidden in a pine forest, this beach is different from others.

It has two bays, and in the middle there is a tavern in natural shade.

When you head to the left of the tavern, you will find a flagstone, great for sunbathing. If you arrive early you can also choose a place in the shade, even there is not so much shade on this beach.

In several places there are metal stairs to help you go down into the sea, and the rocks are perfect for jumping.

The sea is clean and emerald, perfect for diving and swimming.

If you do not plan to go to the tavern, take water and food with you.

The tavern has some of the local dishes, fish specialties and a fridge with ice cream. It’s called Skidia.

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