I always choose to buy quality domestic product rather than the one from the shop, but sometimes it is very hard to find one responsible producer.

I think there is no tourist who has visited Thassos and who didn’t buy at least one small jar of honey for which is this island famous. Vesna Nikolic with her Greek family on Thassos is producing quality honey and olive oil.

If you visit Thassos, step by to try the honey that they produce. I am sure that you will be delighted by the taste and quality. And of course, mention that you found out for them from our page.

Vesna Nikolić is married and she lives on Thassos, in Skala Prinou. Her husband is fourth generation in his family which main buisiness is beekeeping.

Here is how Vesna described the job of beekeeping where she actively participate.

“Honey from Thassos - Mελι Θασου Γλυκια μελισσα is the name of our family business which exists four generations already. We own 600 hives and we mostly collect pine honey and little bit less flower honey. We are professionals in beekeeping and we collect pine honey in a special way. What does it mean?

In order to collect pure pine honey, in autumn bees have to be prepared in a unique way that only few beekeepers practice, because it is harder, but also the only way to get quality honey.

Actually, it is necessary for bees to stay in a chestnut forest before so they could get ready to produce quality and pure pine honey. The pine honey is unique and medicinal. Its basic characteristics are that it can’t be crystallized and it doesn’t have very dark color as many think, but it is brown (as you can see on the pictures).

You should avoid to buy pine honey in the shops, because the sellers usually mix it! Only the beekeeper is selling the pure honey, even if he sells you the mix, it is mix from the hive, it is not mixed while processed!

You can find us every Monday on the market in Prinos or on this cellphone number +306979374165.

Our prices are:

Pine honey 3kg - 18e

Pine honey 1kg - 7e

Flower honey 3kg - 17e

Flower honey 1kg - 6e

Olive oil 5l - 23e

Olive oil 1l - 6e

Oliv oil 2,5l - 13e

Black, salty olives 1kg - 4e

Green olives 1kg - 4e

Tsipouro 1l - 10e

Except the honey, we also produce quality, cold, olive oil. We own 500 olive trees in the village Prinos where we live.

All the products are domestic ones and we guarantee for their quality. There are also smaller packages from above mentioned ones.