Since November, a new parking payment system has been introduced in Thessaloniki in order to solve the constant crowds in the city and traffic congestion.

In the wider city center there are placed blue boards that indicate parking spaces which can be used only by citizens of Thessaloniki, and white boards that indicate parking spaces for visitors.

You can pay the parking in one of the 400 stores with a blue THESi mark in the center of Thessaloniki. These are the newsstands, drag-and-drops from the chain “4 all”, OПАП, coffee shops…anyhow, at every step there are places where you can pay for parking. You just need to remember or write down the five-digit number from the yellow-and-white board that indicate parking space you want to use. With that number and your registration number, at payment place you pay for the number of hours you want.

Parking fee is 1,70€ per hour and the maximum stay in one parking lot is 4 hours. Parking is charged between 8am and 9pm on weekdays, on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm. On Saturdays after 4pm, on Sundays and public holidays parking is free of charge.

The introduction of a new parking charging system gave instant results, so it is now easier to find a parking spot in the city center.

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