Many tourists from Serbia and surrounding countries visit Thessaloniki when they go or return from holidays. In addition, the holidays during spring are also current, but also towards the end of the season while it is still good weather, travelers from Serbia like to head to Thessaloniki.

For some, Thessaloniki is a city of shopping, for some is a city of history and culture, for some a city of good food, but what is important is that Thessaloniki provides something from everyone.

There are numerous useful texts on our website in the Thessaloniki region guide that can make it easier for you to arrange a trip to Thessaloniki, whether it’s just for a few hours on the way to your holiday destination and the sea, a weekend or a longer stay. These text forms are almost like a real guide to Thessaloniki, which is why we decided to wrap them in one whole and merge them into this text. In this guide to Thessaloniki, we will suggest what to visit, help you find adequate parking, make some of our recommendations and share our experiences. There you will also be able to read the best way to visit Thessaloniki without having to waste a lot of time looking for parking and traffic jams, and in some texts there are suggestions where to eat, have coffee and try some Greek specialties.

Thessaloniki Guide

If you’ve come across this text and you are reading it now, save it, because this will be a comprehensive guide to Thessaloniki.

The most common question is: “What to visit in Thessaloniki?”, as well as what is common in Thessaloniki depending on the time you have, and that is why we processed it in detail in this blog post What to visit in Thessaloniki.

Most of our tourists come to Thessaloniki when they go or return from their holidays near the sea and usually stay up to two days. Although this is not enough time to get to know Thessaloniki in detail, you can still see some basic things, sit in a popular café, eat some Greek cuisine, and we suggested it in a blog post Weekend in Thessaloniki

We know that many of you, in big cities like Thessaloniki, prefer to park their cars and visit the city by public transport. This is the best option, because you won’t have to think and every time look for a parking space, which in Thessaloniki can be problematic, but you will park in one of the garages or the hotel and from there take the Bus to Thessaloniki. For this, you need these two blog posts:
Parking in Thessaloniki
A tour of Thessaloniki by public transport is the best option

Many tourists stop by to do shopping in Thessaloniki. You can read about shopping centers and other places for shopping in the article Shops and shopping malls in Thessaloniki.
Also, it is useful to know the working hours of shops and shopping centers as well as when there are public holidays (when everything is closed), which we wrote about in the text here . as well as when there are sales and discounts. After reading these texts, the tour of Thessaloniki will be much easier for you.

After you read these texts, touring Thessaloniki will be much easier for you.

Whether you planned to stay in Thessaloniki for several days or have been to Thessaloniki several times before, and you have not visited Thessaloniki’s old city, Ano Polly, we recommend that you do so. In an article about visiting Thessaloniki by bus, we wrote how to get there, and we certainly recommend that you read this text as well
Thessaloniki Old Town

The energy of the city is felt in many locations, but one of the more vibrant is certainly the promenade. This is a place most are thrilled about, and even travelers who have travelled all over Europe say few cities can boast such a promenade as Thessaloniki. You can also read more about the promenade in this blog post
Thessaloniki Promenade

One of the most beautiful parts of Thessaloniki, Kalamari, is named after Serbian princess Mari Brankovic, daughter of despot Djurdje Brankovic and Byzantine Princess Irina Cantakuzina, and we have a text about that part of Thessaloniki that may be important to you if you go to this part of town. Although we mentioned Kalamaria in some other articles, it is not a bad idea to give a look at this link
Kalamaria - Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is famous for its good food. In the articles about Five restaurants you must not miss, as well as Where to try cakes and ice cream , you will find out where the food is best, from our experience and according to the recommendations of locals.

Beside delicious cakes and best food in restaurants you can try and best fast food in Thessaloniki.

If you visited Thessaloniki, write to us what your experiences are and what made the biggest impression on you. If you have any recommendations for interesting places in Thessaloniki that we did not mention in these articles, write to us in the comments.

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