The author of the text: Eleni Kernali

A quiet town 60km from Thessaloniki via the border crossing Evzoni-Thessaloniki-Kavala (Egnatia odos highway).
The resort is well known to our people by the hospitality and kindness of the - about four and a half thousand people live there. The season in Stavros begins from May to the beginning of October. The majority of inhabitants are engaged in tourism. Apart from Stavros, Vrasna and Asprovalta are also famous resorts …

Stavros has a lot of taverns, restaurants, cafes, and the main promenade is full of various shops and pastry shops (try the Greek sweets, you will not be indifferent - that’s why they are so chubby).

The beaches are sandy, at the part of the harbor’s side the water is shallow, and the new part Vrasna is towards the open part of the Gulf Strimonskog so when it it windy, sea has more waves and the water is deeper. The wind blows very often because here the sea and mountain climes are mixed and Stavros is an air spa. It is a special recommendation to visit for cardio patients and people with asthma.

The beach at the harbor carries the Blue Flag EU so the purity of the sea is at a high level (for the beach and cleanliness we are responsible, people). The port has a lot of fishermen, so you can engage in this sport.

Visit the upper town of Ano Stavros (the old part of Stavros), the viewpoint at the end of Ano Stavros offers you a wonderful view of the entire Strimonian bay, enjoy the view with some dinner, coffee and wine (Agnanti restaurant).

Visit the Platani Park taht is over 300 years old. No one knows since when exist those trees there, and they provide excellent natural shade. There are also beach bars Aktio, Kozi, Ekstazi, Favela work at night and offer a good time. Thursday is market day, on the coast, below the tennis courts. On that day in super markets are 30% cheaper fruits, vegetables and cheese, and you can buy olive oil, olives and fish at the market. These are domestic products of excellent quality.

In Stavros, you can pay by VISA and other cards (at the official rate of our banks) and you can easily withdraw money from the ATM.

While you are in Stavros, visit wild beaches near Olympiada, as well as Olympiada and Stagira.

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