In 2017, Greece had a record attendance of over 30 million tourists.
Greece is one of the most visited countries in Europe.
The largest number of tourists in Greece are Germans, followed by the English, and in recent years the number of tourists from Romania and Bulgaria has doubled.

As the demand for accommodation increases, the prices of accommodation are increasing from year to year.

With the crisis in Greece and high unemployment, an increasing number of Greeks are turning to tourism that provides secure income.
Older villas and apartments that were rented out at low prices are being renovated, so the number of affordable accommodation is decreasing.

Since we know that a large number of tourists are looking for affordable accommodation, we tried to visit and look for more modest and cheaper accommodation on the spot and include it in our offer, so that our guests with poorer financial opportunities have the opportunity to spend the summer.

On our site there are more than a thousand villas, apartments and hotels with a wide range of prices. When searching, you can choose the price up to which you want to pay for accommodation for your date and so only look at the accommodation that suits you best.

Thassos still has lower prices compared to Halkidiki so it is a great choice. A return ticket for the ferry and passengers costs just over € 50, and the journey to Thassos is not particularly longer compared to the journey to some places in Halkidiki.

The Thessaloniki region still has affordable accommodation, as well as some regions and places that tourists are only now discovering: Canals near Preveza, some smaller places on Lefkada, the Olympic region.

See the entire offer of accommodation in Greece clicking on link below
Accommodation in Greece

Step-by-step instructions for finding suitable accommodation:

In order to find accommodation according to your requirements, you need to do the following:
- On the link here\, click on the “show filters” button and enter the basic data: destination\, date of travel and number of people traveling (must include children).
- Set the price range that suits you in order to narrow your search to accommodations that fit your budget.
- You will see many other filters below\, so choose whether you want a yard\, a sea view\, the desired distance from the beach...
- The system will then select accommodations that fit your requirements.
- You can book the accommodation you like best by filling out the Reservation Request.

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