In the most isolated and hardest accessible part of the Mount Athos, called Karulia, in cottage made on vertical cliffs, in the recess and clefts of the rock, they live an ascetic life, monks, anchorite. The monks from the most abundant cells are walking on cliffs with the help of chains which are tied to the walls, and before that, their food was delivered only with the help of the winder in the baskets, which is why this region was named Karulia (winders).

The life of these monks is made of continuous prayer for the whole world, and all other needs have been minimized. They collect rainwater and use it as a drinking water, eat as much as it is necessary to stay alive, and they are making a baskets and chaplets to exchange them for food in village Dafne.

In the photo below you can see Father Stephen, a Serb, who lived for 40 years as a monk in Karulia. One of the most respected monks from the Mount Athos in Greece. Many video clips and shows were made about him, while the Russians also made a documentary.

Before his death, Father Stephen came to Serbia in 2001 and he was buried in the Monastery Slanci, near to Belgrade.

The Greeks call Stephen the Eagle from Karulia, and pilgrims consider him a saint.

On the site of his burned cell, there is now a skit (a community of monks) dedicated to the Saint Sava. On YouTube you can find a lot of videos about Father Stephen.

One of the videos you can check below. Documentary in in greek language, but when you see Father Stephen on 1:47 second, you will understand and without translation what kind of man he is.

The only company for him are birds that he feeds every day, he uses rainwater for watering flowers, serves liturgy every day in his cabin, but also he writes books.

And as you can see he is very cheerful and kind.