We often get requests to recommend the best places in Greece for families with small children.
This implies that the resort is easy to access, that the drive is not too long and that the beach in place is sandy with a long shallow. 
Some parents want the place to have a lot of content for children, toys, an amusement park, and the like.
We would always recommend Chalkidiki for families with children. Chalkidiki has a large number of sandy beaches with clean sea. All “three fingers” of Chalkidiki have places and beaches suitable for children.


At the beginning of Chalkidiki are Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia, two places connected by a long beach.
The sea in these places is not as turquoise as in Sithonia, it is shallow, the beach is long, the places are spacious enough, and the accommodation is more affordable than in Sithonia, Kassandra, and Athos. For all these reasons, these two places are increasingly popular among families.


On the “first finger”, on the famous Kassandra, Skala Furka and Siviri are ideal for smaller children. The places themselves do not have much content, but Kalithea is close.
Kallithea itself has a fantastic beach with a very long shallow.
The downside is that most accommodation is far from the beach, but, if you are looking for accommodation by the beach then Kallithea might be the best choice on Kassandra.
Posidi also has a nice beach, and the place is very quiet.
If a long shallow beach is less important to you, and you want a lot of content for both, children and adults, then choose Hanioti and Pefkohori.


Sithonia is the second or middle finger of Chalkidiki. It is full of fantastic beaches that are mostly outside the town.
Whatever place you choose in Sithonia, you won’t go wrong because they are all surrounded by beautiful beaches with fine sand and long shallows.
For families, our favorites are the new part of Sarti and Sarti beach, Sykia and Toroni.
The new part of Sarti has a long and wide beach with fine sand and shallows.
When the wind blows in Sarti, many beautiful beaches in its immediate vicinity are also suitable for children.
Sykia is a small place without facilities, but it has a nice beach, Sarti is only 8 km away from it for evening walks, and near Sikya many beautiful beaches are also suitable for children.
The beach in Toroni does not have a long shallow, the depth increases gradually, but the sea is clean, and there is no wind or waves. There is not much content in the evening, but the place is quiet and great for rest. There are also beautiful beaches near Toroni.
One part of the beach in Nikiti is also shallow. Also, Nikiti is surrounded by phenomenal beaches, many of which are popular with families with children.


When it comes to Athos, the most popular place is Ierissos.
Ierissos does not have a shallow beach, but it is very close to Xiropotamos beach with a long shallow beach. There is also the place of Nea Roda and Legend and Kakudia beaches, which are also great for children. Ammouliani Island is also an excellent choice for families with children.

Thessaloniki area

Close to Thessaloniki is Epivates, a continuation of Peraia, which is chosen by families with children. In this place, the sea is not turquoise like in the above-mentioned Nea Flogita, but the depth is gradual and close to the city, so it is very visited.
Perhaps the most popular place for families with children is Nei Pori.
This place has a long, wide sandy beach with shoals tens of meters long. The place has a lot of facilities for children because families with smaller children mostly spend their summer there.
The sea, as in other places in mainland Greece, is not as beautiful as turquoise or emerald, but it is clean. Accommodation prices are more affordable. That’s another reason why it’s popular.


In recent years, resorts in the vicinity of Kavala have become increasingly popular. The places themselves have average beaches, but near Nea Peramos there is the famous Amolofi beach, so if you don’t mind that it is a 2-3 minute drive from the town center, then we would recommend Nea Peramos as a great place if you have small children.


And, finally, our favorite Thassos.
It is the closest Greek island if you are coming by car from or through the Balkans. Thassos is close to the mainland, so a short ferry ride is pleasant for children and especially interesting. We would characterize the ferry ride as an advantage of vacationing on Thassos.
Feeding the pigeons and a little respite from the closed space in the car is a pleasant refreshment.
Parents with small children on Thassos choose Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia (Golden beach) because of the fine sand and very long shallows. There are also small discount places Pahis and Skala Rahoni.

Potos and San Antonio Beach are also good choices. They are not perfect beaches, but they can serve both parents and children very well. There are many more beautiful beaches with fine sand perfect for small children in their vicinity.
Therefore, if you have small children, we recommend Chalkidiki, first of all, Sithonia, then Nei Pori, Nea Flogita and Nea Plaia, Nea Peramos, and Thassos.

Sithonia and Thassos are our favorites.

Epirus and Ionian coast

In Epirus and the Ionian coast, the situation is slightly different. This part of Greece is better for families with slightly older children.

The most beautiful part of Lefkada, the west coast, has a lot of wind, and the beaches in this part are neither sandy nor shallow.
Parga and the surrounding area have no beaches with extremely long shallows and fine sand. The most beautiful beach on that stretch is Vrahos, but its disadvantage is that it is relatively often windy.
 However, if you like an active vacation with children, we can recommend Vrahos. If wind and waves are in Vrahos, you can visit the surrounding beaches.
Kefalonia has beaches for everyone’s taste. But, if the long journey is a problem, we recommend you choose the closer resorts we have listed above.
In our article Vacationing in Greece with children, you can read: how to prepare for a vacation with children; find lists of doctors in popular destinations; and tips that will help you prepare as well as possible for a pleasant vacation with children.

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