Every year at the beginning of the summer season, the headlines show that the food is being taken away from our tourists at the Evzoni border.

What is it all about?

According to the Greek customs regulations, the import of meat and dairy products, perishable food (unpacked) and plants is prohibited. Other groceries and some more valuable items also have limitations.

Greeks are not that strict to our tourists and they will mostly allow you to bring even the goods that are forbidden.

However, based on the experience so far, at the beginning of each season, Greek customs officers look at the luggage of several passengers on the travel agencies’ buses and take away prohibited foods. On that occasion, dozens or more of our passengers in the first few bus shifts are left without food.
This is happening mostly at the beginning of tourist season, at the end of May and in early June.

The fact that Greek customs officers tolerate the importation of forbidden foods does not mean that you need to relax too much and carry with you unnecessary items.

It is best to inquire first about prices of food you are planning to carry with yourself, because the prices in Greek supermarkets do not differ much from those in Serbian stores.

We understand that holidays are expensive and that the consumption of food brought from Serbia is an aspect of saving, but you should also consider saving in a different way.

Never bring with yourself fresh meat and cooked meals, because meat is slightly more expensive in Greece, and instead of cooked dishes, it is better to bring ready canned meals that are not expensive.

Prices of fruits and vegetables in Greece are similar to those in Serbia, and many groceries in Lidl supermarkets are cheaper than those in Serbia.

On markets, which can be found in almost all summer resorts, meat, milk and dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables can be bought at a much lower price.

Water is also more affordable in Greece, and cheap imported beers and juices can also be found.

If you are carrying expensive equipment across the border (cameras, video recorders, laptops, etc.), you are usually required to report them at the customs. Not reporting these items is also tolerated, but it might cause you some problems upon exiting the country.

Do not stop at a Duty Free Shop before entering Greece and buy large quantities of cigarettes. Only 2 packages of cigarettes per person are permitted.

The import of alcoholic beverages is also limited to one or two liters per person, and if you have more than € 10,000 in cash, you should report it.

In our experience, if you are moderate in importing food and drink, you will not have any problems even if you violate some of the regulations, but it is better not to take any chances and to be careful.