After the guest confirms that he wants to reserve the accommodation, he is obliged to pay the deposit within two or three days.

We mentioned the ways of paying deposits (through the bank, Western Union, paypal, etc.). After receiving the payment, the owner is obliged to inform the guest that he has received the payment and send the voucher as a final confirmation of the reservation.

When you book accommodation on our site,, our agents are communicated with the owners instead of you.

The voucher is forwarded immediately after the deposit is visible on the owner’s account. The exact number of guests should be written on the voucher, the special requests, the date of arrival and departure. After receiving voucher it’s recommended to check if everything is written like it is agreed.

On arrival the owner is obliged to place the guests in the accommodation unit written on voucher. If you have special requests, which are in the voucher, the owner is obliged to fulfill them. If special requests which are not entered in the voucher, the owner is not obligated to fulfill them.

If the guests bring with them more persons than written in voucher, the owner has right not to rent them the room which they booked or to ask for extra charge.

If the owner didn’t keep accommodation for you, even if paid deposit and got voucher, he is obliged to provide you the same quality accommodation or even better replacement, and if there is a difference in the price, he has to pay difference. If the owner refuse to find a replacement, please inform the agency.

Overbookings do not happen intentionally, but the mistakes of the owners are possible. Errors can possible be solved but it only needs patience, cooperation and understanding from both sides.

We always do our best to correct all mistakes that are made in the process of agreement or realization in the best possible way.

If the owner didn’t save for you the agreed accommodation unit, don’t search for accommodation by yourself, contact the agency.

If on arrival you have complaints for the accommodation itself, hygiene or equipment, it is best to immediately pay attention to the owner so that he can solve them.

Guests are obliged, after settling down and establishing that there are no problems and complaints about accommodation, pay the rest of the arrangement.

If for any reason you are forced to leave the accommodation before you have agreed, you are obliged to pay the amount for half of the (unused) days.

If you refuse to pay, the owner has right to call tourist police.

The owners are not responsible for the speed of the internet in the accommodation, because in Greece signal generally poor.

Some places during the season have a problem with water, which is general problem, not in a specific accommodation.