Every year in March, thousands of flowering peach trees around Veria resemble a pink sea.

These scenes are springtime news in Greece, and hiking and biking tours are organized in this region.

Villages around Veria have their own small tourist season in March.

Veria is located about 70km from Thessaloniki, on the road to Kozani, whih is 55km away. If you travel to the Ionian coast over Bitola and the Greek border crossing Niki, you go through Kozani.

The Peach Festival in Veria is usually held in May or June. The whole city is in the peach sign, cocktails are made from peach, ice cream, cakes, pastries, various juices… They organize workshops and open kitchens, where famous chefs prepare food and there are many, many peaches everywhere… When you buy fruits in supermarkets or on Greek markets, you an always see the note that states its origin. In northern Greece, they mainly buy peaches from this region, which you can see while buying them, if you pay attention to it.

If you visit Veria, make sure to visit Vergina, the archaeological complex and the museum above the site, where, among other things, there are the graves of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, his wife and his grandson, son of Alexander the Great. You remain breathless in front of these witnesses of history, and you can also see the testimony of the greatest names of archeology and history, about how important to Greece Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great were.

Photos downloaded from the site: www.dinfo.gr