Everybody knows about the famous Mythos, and lately there is increasingly popular Fix beer.

Vergina can be also found in supermarkets.

It’s little known that Kaiser is Greek beer. It has been made by Mythos since 1976, by the German standards, but from Greek products.

However, these brands are not the best beer that Greece offers.

As a rule, the best beer is always from local breweries with less production.

The beer named Nissos, produced on the Tinos island of Cyclades, won the second best beer award, at the world contest in the heart of Bavaria, competing with 1,613 beers from 42 countries.

Good quality beers are also Sknipa and Sparta and you can buy them in larger supermarkets.

If you are beer lovers, when you visit any holiday resort in Greece, check with the local residents (owners of your accommodation), if there is local beer produced nearby and how it can be purchased.

Some of the famous beer brands are:

Volcan – produced on Santorini. It’s beer with honey that has won significant awards for quality and originality.

Septem - famous beer from the island of Evia.

Athens brewery is one of the most famous in Greece and it produces Pils Hellas and Bios 5.

Corfu, Crete and Rhodes are known for their breweries, but unfortunately beer from these islands can only be bought on the islands.