We use the summertime to visit as much as possible destinations we have in offer. In this way we get to know each and every one of them, and we can provide our guests with better and more reliable information.

We consider our job the tour of destinations. We do not visit some new places, new islands in order to enjoy them, but the only those we offer to our guests.

We spend the first half of July in places that are at the very beginning of Kassandra, such as Nea Moudania, Paralia Dionisiou, Nea Flogita, Nea Plagia…

All of these places continue to each other, but they are completely different. Nea Moudania is the capital of Kassandra and is a real city, unlike other places in Chalkidiki that are more villages. The city is alive throughout the year, has everything you need for a living. It’s a great place to live, but also for a vacation. It is close to Thessaloniki and beautiful beaches of Sithonia and Kassandra. The long beach of Portaria, which connects Paralia Dionisiou, is very beautiful, sandy and clean.

During the summer you can enjoy here the various festivals. Sardela fest is one of them, when you can enjoy the fish at the symbolic prices.

Paralia Dionisiou is a planned place, with streets and a lovely beach. You can recognize the consequences of the crisis in Greece by facades on houses, but it is still a decent choice for a peaceful holiday.

Nea Flogita always surprises its guests with its neatness and cleanliness, the quantity of trees, greenery and shade. This place is a pearl in this part of Chalkidiki. Long beach, many shades, good prices for large portions in the restaurants (Kohili and Akrogiali taverns), large and well organised parks, spacious square by the sea, palm trees, a market open every day until midnight. Nea Flogita has everything you need for a wonderful holiday.

Nea Plagia continues on Nea Flogita. It is a smaller place. The beach is the same, but the place is more quiet and perhaps a good choice for those who want to be at a pedestrian distance from Nea Flogita.