Every year we spend one part of a July for a tour of Sithonia, but this year we have spent and a part of June, because of the floods.

The floods have passed and the consequences are almost gone. You can see maybe some grass or some irregular part of the beach, but life returned completely to normal. It was not so terrible as it was presented. There were some strong torrents that flooded somewhere the yard or the ground floor.

Anyway, the tourists enjoy their holidays in Sithonia the same as before. Beaches and streets are full of people, and the prices are very similar to last year’s.

These days we were visiting the beaches nearby Nikiti. This place has a great location and position for touring the beaches. Villages that also have good position are Ormos Panagias, Vourvourou and Metamorfosi. The advantage of Nikiti, comparing to other places we have mentioned, is that it has a nice promenade for evening walk, a better beach and the best supply markets. This is the reason Nikiti is so much popular and expensive destination. It is also excellent for the purchase of real estate, because it is near Thessaloniki, Poligiros, Serbia, airport.

We have recently visited Koviou and Kalogria beaches, too. Koviou is a small beach with brighter sea color, clear and transparent. Kalogria has the emerald sea color, because of the high pine trees in its hinterland. There is a lot of natural shade during the afternoon hours in this beach, so we recommend you to visit it as early as possible and take some nice place in the shade, as well as the parking place. Also avoid Kalogria and all popular beaches during the weekends.

There is a new pastry shop from this summer in Nikiti. It’s close to the dock and it’s called Plaisir. They have great cakes! It is a chain of popular pastry shops (there is a one in Thessaloniki also, just a little bigger then this one).

In addition to the pastry shop, there is something new and for junk food lovers - Fish and Chips.