The author of the text: Vanja Milosavljevic

One of the most visited sights on Corfu is the Ahilion Palace. It is located 14km south of the city of Corfu. It was built in 1890, by the order of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, who had been recommended to stay in this place as it is good for lung patients. Sisi, as they called the Empress, invested a lot of her love and time in building and decorating the buildings and the garden. The palace was dedicated to the main hero of The Iliad, Achilles, who reminded her of her early deceased son. The palace with its garden, plenty of flowers and a view on the city leaves visitors breathless. In addition to the Achilles statues in the garden there are also marble statues of the gods from Olympus, as well as nine muses, the inspirational goddesses of art. There is Shakespeare’s bust as well as ancient poets and philosophers’ busts and the statue of the English poet Lord Byron. During the First World War, the palace was turned into a French military hospital where Serbian soldiers were treated, as evidenced by the inscription dedicated to the Serbian army. This impressive building hides many more interesting stories and events, and if you find yourself on Corfu, do not miss to visit it.