Predrag Dimitrijevic paints on the small stones and leaves them on the beach. He is very happy when somebody finds one.

In a post on Facebook public group Live from Greece, he explains:

“Here are some greek motives that I am painting on small stones and leave them on the beach. I can see how happy are the people when they find one, especially children…this makes me very happy!

And this year I have been painted on over 200 stones and left them along the beach in Skotina. I was trying to catch from nearby the reaction of the people who found them. And the reactions were like these: the children were overwhelmed with joy, while the adults were thinking that somebody lost a souvenir. I approach to them and tell them to take the stone. I always got a smile… last year even one glass of beer! Some of them even wanted to make an order for some more painted stones to bring them home. Every year I feel joy for each smile and it feels really good. I have to mention that my wife, my love and inspiration, is a bit jelaous because so many ladies leave me the comments in this great and useful group…”