It is time for Kassandra. I realize that it is as beautiful as Sithonia, but the most beautiful beaches now belong to hotels and in this way became accessible to a small number of visitors. Although it is not forbidden to enter the hotel beach, only a few tourists feel comfortable putting their beach equipment between or in front of hotel lines. Every year we spend a lot of time in Kassandra and we take time to visit everything that is important and nice. This time we have visited and some places that we somehow always missed, because they were not “on our way” or we always just stopped briefly.

We have stayed in Pefkohori and realized that August is a really bad month to stay in Kassandra. Pefkohori is full of people and cars. If you are located below the main road and you do not have parking, then you are really in trouble.

We really like the area from Kallithea to Kriopigi. On this move there are several large hotels and their beaches are wide. The distance between sun beds is large, there is a space and in front of them for those who come from the side. The great example is Pallini Hotel. The sea is just beautiful.

We prefer wild beaches like those nearby Kriopigi. One of our favorites is the one near the Pefka villa and we always spend the most time there. Natural shade, no crowd and clear water. Perfect.

On the east coast we recommend the part from Pefkohori to Paliouri, Glarokavos, Golden beach… There you can enjoy without a crowd even in high season.

The everywhere crowd can exhaust. You do not have the feeling that there are some places, because houses, villas and hotels are built almost all over the eastern coast and the places have merged. The west coast is for much more relaxed vacation. South too.