Vacationing with a baby has great benefits but also much bigger challenges than the holidays you were used to before you became parents. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity and season to rest and enjoy the charms of summer, good preparation and adaptation to the new circumstances can help you to make your holiday idyllic and memorable even with a small baby.

The baby’s arrival has changed a lot in your life with its arrival, so now you’re going to plan your vacations differently. Choosing the ideal destination, accommodation, good organization, preparation and luggage containing everything you may need at sea with a baby, will make your holiday go smoothly and without stress.

In cooperation with Parent Portal we provide you with all the necessary information to help you plan your holiday with your baby wisely.


Sunstroke, burns, nausea, allergies and viruses are much more common during the high season when all resorts are crowded and temperatures are high. The baby should not be taken outside from 10am to 6pm when temperatures are highest and UV radiation as well. It actually means that you’ll spend the summer holidays with the baby, during the high season, in accommodation instead on the beach.

May and the end of September are the most ideal for a holiday with a baby and young children, followed by June and the end of August. The advantage of off-season holidays is, among other things, savings because the arrangements are more convenient, which gives you the opportunity to stay longer.

How long you stay with a baby at sea holidays depends on your own possibility, but it’s worth knowing that babies need time to adapt to the changes that don’t advise weekend travel. It’s ideal if you’re able to stay with a baby at sea holidays for between 15 and 20 days.


A very important part of planning travel and holidays is the timely preparation of all the documents you will need. This is primarily about passports - if you are travelling abroad, but also other (personal) documents that you need and that are important to be valid - so check them on time.

A passport is also required for the youngest member of the family - so if you are planning a trip outside the borders of our state you need to make a travel document for the baby, which is valid for infants up to three years old, for children aged 3 to 14 for a period of five years and for the elderly - for 10 years.

If you travel with the baby alone to cross the border you must have the written consent of another parent which is certified by the municipal administration.

Be sure to provide for all members of the FAMILY TRAVEL INSURANCE.

Accommodation in Greece

You can see the detailed offer of accommodation in Greece on our website or write to our agents on the and ask them for a recommendation for a holiday with the baby. You can specify some wishes, the number of people, children, babies, age and budget and they will help you find the best accommodation for you and your family.


The ideal destination for a holiday with a baby can vary greatly from the one you would choose if you didn’t have children. That is why it is important to pay attention to how adapted the resort is to your needs, i.e. the needs you have as a parent of a small child.

The conditions that should be met by the holiday destination in order to be ideal for a family with a baby are as follows:

Choose closer destinations - if it’s your first trip with a baby\, it’s best to opt for one destination that’s not too far from your place of residence. This will relieve the pressure you can have when planning a long trip with your baby until you arrive at the desired resort.

Not all places are family-friendly - there are resorts that are primarily intended for young people whose holidays involve nightlife and parties that often last all day. However\, such an atmosphere is certainly not an ideal environment for a family and a baby who still needs a little more peace (at least during the night). So check out what others say about the destination you’re interested in\, read the reviews and tips before deciding where to spend vacation with your baby. Choose a place where you can all enjoy yourself\, where you’ll feel safe and have everything you need to be carefree during the summer.

Choose a place that suits your needs - choose a place that will offer you everything you need to truly be remembered for your best holiday this summer! Choose sandy beaches if that’s what’s most important to you\, find a place nearby that has beautiful nature\, promenades and trails through the forest\, let the accommodation be in a smaller place surrounded by smaller beaches and baths without tropical bars\, or if the most important thing is to still be in a bigger city - find one that will have everything you need to make the baby holiday go the way you imagined.

It is especially important when traveling with a baby that there are shops, pharmacies and an ambulance in the place you go.


Vacation accommodation is very important, so choose carefully where to stay with your family. It’s best if the accommodation you’re in is close to the beach - so you don’t walk too far.

Choose accommodation that has a courtyard and shad, because you’ll probably spend part of the day with the baby right there. It is important that the environment is safe, desirable that there is a fence/gate, and children’s props are always welcome, set by those who like to accommodate the youngest tourists.

When it comes to the rooms where you will sleep, in addition to hygiene which is especially important when you’re on vacation with the baby, it would be good if the accommodation has a baby cot so that you and the baby could sleep peacefully and well. The recommendation is to bring bedding for the baby (at least a pillow) because you never know if the baby will have allergic reaction to the unknown detergent used in the apartment or hotel.


Packing and preparing things for a holiday when you have a small baby can really seem like an impossible mission or a job that doesn’t end! But if you plan well - and this part of preparing for the summer will be easy.

So that you don’t forget something, plan your purchase and packaging well:
• Make a check list of baby items - baby luggage 
• Prepare a travel pharmacy
• Arrange things so you know where your stuff is
• Don’t overload unnecessary things
• Check if what you need already exist in the accommodation - for example bed linen, towels, meal dishes, etc.

When traveling with a baby, your luggage must include:
• Passport and health card
• Basic pharmacy - painkillers, temperature removal syrup, anti-vomiting drug, probiotic, electrolytes, allergy syrup, thermometer, band-aid, disinfectant
• Hat and sunscreen specifically intended for babies
• Diapers and hygiene facilities
• Baby nutrition kit - bottles, adapted milk that the baby already uses, baby spoons, baby cutlery


U zavisnosti od toga koliko je udaljena destinacija za koju ste se odlučili ovog leta, zavisi i izbor prevoznog sredstva. If you want to travel to some slightly closer destinations within the state or in a nearby neighborhood this summer, no more than a few hundred kilometres away - family car travel can be an ideal choice, especially if you have a car that is comfortable enough for all family members. There’s nothing like unplanned breaks for the pleasure of nature or the first view of the sea!

During the journey, take frequent breaks, hydrate the baby with water and electrolytes and make sure the baby is not too hot in the car.


Be sure to transport the baby all the time in the correct car seat, which is intended for the baby’s age. It is also very important that the baby is properly placed and tied up in his car seat.

Read the mistakes parents often make when placing a baby in an baby seat here.

If you do opt for more comfortable transportation, you should know that children up to two years old do not pay for air fares, and air travel is certainly the most conform and safest form of transportation, especially when travelling with a baby.

Avoid, if possible, train and bus travel, due to discomfort, exchange of viruses with other passengers but also because of the inability to take a break when you and your baby need it.


To prevent adverse events that might spoil your holiday, follow these caution measures:
• Avoid direct sun exposure
• Protect your baby from the sun with sun cream, hat and protective clothes for bathing and beach
• Make sure the baby is hydrated enough, often offering water
• If you breastfeed offer to the baby more often to drink
• Take baby food with you - purchasing porridge is a smarter choice on your travels, avoid giving the baby food from the restaurant
• Bring basic pharmacy and health insurance
• Always keep an eye on the beach, especially when you are in the water
• Don’t force the baby to swim, specially if baby is scared
• Try not to change baby’s rhythm for sleep that is used to, before going on holidays
• Before going on holidays, consult your pediatrician

With good preparation, organization and respect for all precautions, let the summer with the baby remain in your best memory. Don’t forget to take great photos because your child is a once-in-a-lifetime baby, and holiday photos will be happy to watch with a smile when they grow up :)

We wish you a safe trip and a lot of enjoyment in summer holidays with the baby!

Photo: Unsplash and Pixabay